microHAM Station Master Deluxe for large single amateur radio stations with multiple rotors and stacks and for SO2R stations

microHAM Station Master Deluxe for large single amateur radio stations with multiple rotors and stacks and for SO2R stations
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"Network" controller for controlling larger stations using multiple Antenna Switches, 
Stacks, Rotators, SteppIR or UltraBeam antennas, Automatic Amplifiers, and other devices.
Station Master DeLuxe™ is big brother of regular Station Master™ and has all its capabilities but provides more ergonomic user interface with large 240x64 LCD, a lot of buttons and stacked antenna support.  Station Master DeLuxe is designed for large single radio stations with multiple rotators and stacks, advanced SO2R stations requiring full control and ergonomic setup for each radio position, and all multi station setups. 
The thing that makes Station Master DeLuxe (SMD) really different, is network operation. Multiple SMD units can be linked over a reliable, low latency "uLink" bus (RS-485) independent of the computer LAN network. The uLINK bus supports up to 31 SMDs (15 SO2R operating positions or 31 single radio operating positions).  Each linked SMD can simultaneously control up to 128 uLink modules.  The total length of the uLINK bus can be up to 1.2km (4000ft) using CAT5 cable – enough to comfortably link a complete multi-op station including the antenna farm.  The uLINK modules are small, remote, dedicated function boxes - relay outputs module, RS232 port module, rotator control module, and stepper motor module, to control devices like antenna switches, stack switches, receive antennas switch boxes, rotator controllers, motors, matching networks, and more. 
Station Master Deluxe includes a user configurable system of hierarchical priorities and lockouts which allows sharing final devices by multiple stations without collisions and damage.
Fully stand alone operation, independent of the computer and LAN.
Compatible with all microHAM "keyers".  Advanced integration with MKII and MK2R+.
Maintains separately three antenna paths for: RX1, RX2, and TX.
Support for stacked antennas including complex stacking topologies (e.g., stacked stacks).
Intelligent rotator control including parallel control of multiple rotators, automatic sequenced control of rotators on the same tower, rotator over rotator, or rotator on rotary tower installations.
Special support for receive antennas (sharing one antenna among multiple stations)
and a lot more, please refer to SMD manual ... 
USB:   USB 2.0 Full speed, USB 1.1 compatible
Power consumption:  USB – less than 100mA, Power supply – max.1.8A at +13.8V (max. +16V)
CAT:     RxD, TxD – max. 57600 Baud, RTS fixed level output max.1mA
            Levels: TTL, inverted TTL, open collector bus, RS232
Serial:    RS232 levels, RTS fixed level output max.1mA, up to 9600 baud
PA CI-V:   open collector bus max.40mA, up to 9600 baud
All relay outputs:  30VDC, 48VAC, max.2A
External PORT A power:   max. +24V/1.3A
External PORT B power:   max. +24V/400mA
PS/2 consumption:   max. 200mA at +5V
Rotator analog input:  10K ohm, max. +/-12V
Rotator pulse input:   active when grounded,  max. +24V/5mA
Rotator reference output:  9V, max. 20mA
PA Keying output:   open collector, max.+45V/800mA
PA Keying input:   active when grounded,  max.+24V/5mA
PA ON/OFF control:   +12V, max.100mA
Dimensions:    W 305mm (12") x H 90mm (3.54") x D 132mm (5.20")
Weight:    1.8 kg (4 lbs)
    LED lights when +13.8V is applied (power switch on).
    LED lights when “ALARM” condition happens, transmission may be inhibited.
    LED lights when “BUSY” condition happens, transmission is inhibited.
    LED flashes when “BUSY” condition happens, transmission is allowed.
    LED lights when transmission is allowed.
    LED flashes when transmit condition has been changed and will be applied on next transmission cycle.
    LED lights when uLINK interface is powered from uLINK HUB.
    Short press and release opens “Function” list.
    Press and hold for more than one second opens “Menu” list.
  3. Antenna selection nr. 1
  4. Antenna selection nr. 2
  5. Antenna selection nr. 3
  6. Antenna selection nr. 4
  7. Antenna selection nr. 5
  8. Antenna selection nr. 6
  9. Antenna selection nr. 7/NEXT
    Antenna selection nr. 7. If there are more than 7 selections this button moves to next page of antenna selections

    A short press moves between antenna selections for the RX1, RX2 and TX paths
    Press and hold for more than one second toggles RX1/RX2 receive antennas split “RX SPLIT” RX SPLIT is indicated by small 1 or 2 number on left side of focus mark

  11. [1] Antenna sub-selection nr. 1

  12. [2] Antenna sub-selection nr. 2

  13. [3] Antenna sub-selection nr. 3

  14. [4] Antenna sub-selection nr. 4

  15. MB1, MB2, MB3
    Short press and release recalls memory bank 1, 2, or 3 settings.
    Press and hold for more than one second stores current settings to memory bank 1, 2 or 3.
    Each memory bank is band-dependent.
    Rotary encoder with push button. Functions vary based on configuration and antenna selection.
  17. <-/YES
    Button for browsing backward among available antennas and menu navigation.
  18. ->/NO
    Button for browsing forward among available antennas and menu navigation.

    Short press invokes selected PATH properties menu if exist.
  1. Press and hold for more than one second toggles RX/TX antennas split, “TX SPLIT”. 
    TX SPLIT enabled is indicated by yellow led above button.

  1. DC 13.8V
    Power Supply - 2.1 x 5.5 mm coaxial jack, center is positive (+).
  2. iLINK
    MiniDIN-6 for connection with microHAM MKII, MK2R or function expansion module.
  3. USB 
    USB B connector for computer connection.
    Standard USB A-B cable.
    RS232 level serial port.
    DB9 female jack.
    See “Connecting Hardware” chapters for details.
  5. PA
    DB15 female jack for connection with Power Amplifier.
    Compatible with microHAM “PA” cables.
    See “Connecting Hardware” chapters for details.
  6. PORT A
    DB25 female jack for antenna switch connection.
    See “Connecting Hardware” chapters for details.
  7. PS/2
    MiniDIN6 for PS/2 keyboard or PS/2 keypad.
    Power inhibit output for transceiver.
    RCA jack  TIP - Signal  SHELL – GND.
  9. CAT
    4 pole 3.5mm phone jack for transceiver control. Compatible with microHAM “CAT” cables.
  10. GND 
    Terminal for connection to station ground.
  11. iLINK
    MiniDIN-6 for connection with microHAM microKEYER II, MK2R, or function expansion module.
  12. POWER
    Power Switch.
  13. ROTOR
    DB15 female for connection with Antenna Rotator.
    See “Connecting Hardware” chapters for details.
  14. PORT B
    DB25 female for antenna switch, BPF and/or sequencer connection.
    See “Connecting Hardware” chapters for details.
  15. PTTIN
    input for PTT output from transceiver or PAPTT from microHAM “keyer”.
    Active when grounded.
    RCA jack: Tip – signal, Shell – ground.
  16. uLINK
    uLINK network connection.
    DB9 female jack.
    See “Connecting Hardware” chapters for details.
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