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Atlas ESR PLUS - Capacitance and Equivalent Series Resistance Meter with Audible Alerts (Model ESR70)

The Atlas ESR PLUS measures both the capacitance and Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) of a capacitor. This model features a wide...

£84.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
Atlas DCA Pro - Advanced Semiconductor Analyser (Model DCA75)

Building on the continued success of Peak's existing component identification and analysis instruments, the DCA Pro brings an arra...

£112.50(Inc VAT at 20%)
Atlas LCR45 - Passive Component Impedance Analyser (Model LCR45)

A great handheld LCR analyser that can measure the value of your passive component (inductor, capacitor or resistor) and also meas...

£91.50(Inc VAT at 20%)
Atlas DCA - Semiconductor Analyser (Model DCA55)

Connect any way round to automatically identify and measure a wide range of semiconductor devices. The DCA55 will automatically id...

£52.50(Inc VAT at 20%)
Atlas Model LCR40

Handheld LCR meter providing measurements for inductance, capacitance and resistance. The component type is automatically detected...

£86.10(Inc VAT at 20%)

The Atlas SCR is specifically designed to automatically analyse a wide range of Triacs and Thyristors (SCRs). Connect the part any...

£81.00(Inc VAT at 20%)

Test Zeners, Avalanche Diodes, VDRs, TVSs, LED strings and much more (up to 50V!) Key Features: Measures breakdown voltage (0....

£46.50(Inc VAT at 20%)
Ultimate Atlas IT - Network Cable Analyser (Model UTP05E)

Very comprehensive set including the popular Atlas IT handheld network cable analyser for testing RJ45 (Cat5/5e/6) style...

£246.00(Inc VAT at 20%)
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