Which jumper module do I need for my radio?

Which jumper module do I need for my radio?
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Our new "Plug & Play" jumper modules plug into the SignaLink in place of the jumper wires that you would normally use to configure the unit for your radio. This greatly simplifies installation and completely eliminates the possibility of installing the jumper wires incorrectly. Swapping radios is also easier, as you simply unplug one module and plug in another. All jumper modules are compatible with the SignaLink USB, and most will also work with the older SignaLink and SL-1+. Modules are currently available for the most popular radio configurations, and new modules for other configurations will be added soon. Be sure to see the Installation Instructions and Common Questions (click more info).

Installation Instructions

The installation of the of the Plug & Play jumper modules is very simply, but you need to be careful that you don't bend any of the pins, or they may break off and become stuck inside the SignaLink's socket. You should not have any trouble if you are just the slightest bit careful, but please note that broken pins and/or any damage to the jumper module or the SignaLink as a result of broken pins, is not covered under warranty (see note below). Also, before installing any jumper module, please verify that you are installing the correct module for the radio and/or radio cable you will be using (see part numbers shown above!). It is possible to damage your radio and/or the SignaLink by installing the wrong jumper module, or by installing it backwards, so please check carefully before proceeding. The header pins used on all jumper modules are small and relatively sharp, so be careful that you don't stick a finger!

- To install the jumper module, place it lightly on the SignaLink's JP1 jumper socket being careful to align the notch on the jumper module (white board outline) with the notch on the SignaLink's circuit board (white colored outline around the JP1 jumper socket). Carefully look at each pin to make sure that all pins are centered in the socket holes, and then gently press down evenly on the module until it is seated securely in the socket. Be careful not to press on any jumper pins that might be mounted on the top of the jumper module (SLMOD13K, SLMOD8RI, etc.).

- Some jumper modules have one or two special jumpers that may need to be set for your radio (the PTT Configuration Jumper for the SLMOD13K module is a good example). If this applies to the jumper module that you are installing, then be sure to see the jumper notes in the appropriate compatible radio links shown above.

- To remove the jumper module, you will need to pull it straight out while being careful not to bend any pins in the process. Be careful not to drop the module when it pulls loose from the socket! We suggest gripping the module firmly with a pair of pliers, but any suitable tool can be used. Some customers have removed the jumper module with a flat blade screwdriver by slowly prying up on both ends a little at a time until it is out. This is ok ONLY if you lift each end up just the slightest bit (going back and forth from one end to another) so that the pins are not bent in the process. If you remove the module this way, you need to go very slow and be sure that you don't lift too much on one end, or put pressure on any of the parts that are mounted on the SignaLink's circuit board.

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