RIGblaster DXpro
Part Number: 58001-1809
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Product Information
  • Overview


  • Operate your favorite digital mode program simultaneously with your favorite logging program
  • Software configuration of most options with included DXpro application
  • Fully compatible with RemoteHams/HRD for remote control of your station
  • Switchable 12V DC output for remotely controlling a small station accessory such as a TNC or 12V relay
  • Onboard header for optional CLRmod DSP gives you fully adjustable Clearspeech® audio when using the DXpro remotely
  • Integrated sequencer ports for high power VHF/UHF safety
  • Hardware squelch input for EchoLink® or other applications
  • Powered via USB or external 12V (with software switchable 12V output jack)
  • External pass-through USB jack for convenience
  • Precision engineered in the USA with extensive RF filtering

Sound Cards

  • Dual high-performance sound cards allow simultaneous monitoring of main and sub receivers. Run digital mode programs on each channel. Perfect for SO2V/SO2R.

Compatible With Most Ham Radios

  • Easily configure the RIGblaster DXpro for most radios with pre-wired jumper blocks (ISC)
  • Seven ISCs included. Covers most Icom, Yaesu, Kenwood, Elecraft & Alinico radios.

Built-in Rig Control

  • Independent fully implemented CAT with optional inversion. TTL & RS232 outputs.

Mic/Keying/Audio Flexibility

  • Record voice keying wave files using your radio's own microphone. Also allows you to record both sides of your QSO.
  • Multi-tap footswitch input (or analog keypad) provides up to three trigger signals for contest voice keying
  • Integrated Fldigi "right-channel" RTTY detector turns AFSK into FSK, even on Mac OS or Linux. A similar feature turns tone Morse Code into true keyed CW.
  • Front panel mounted transmit and receive audio level knobs makes it easy to adjust transmit/receive levels on the fly without having to make changes in software sound levels
  • Three position switch for PTT selection
  • 4 onboard transformers for complete audio isolation
  • Mechanical relay for PTT. Works with classic or modern rigs.


Overall Dimensions (maximum w/o cables) 1.31" H x 9.97" W x 3.87" D
Weight 19.2 oz.
DC Power Requirements USB Powered
PTT Max Contact Rating 2A @ 24V or 1A @ 48V
CW/FSK Direct Keying Ratings Transistor logic only, tube rigs not supported. Postive pull down 20mA max.
Serial Interface Port USB
TTL CAT (dual circuit mini jack connector) Standard/Inverted TTL 5V logic, selectable bi-directional or unidirectional
RS232 CAT (DB9 male) Fully independent, all control signals present including hardware flow control
Sequencer Start Port (Output, RCA female) Transistor logic only. Open collector output, max: 20mA / +40V.
Sequencer End Port (Input, RCA female) Transistor logic only. Internal pull-up to +5V.

The microphone audio is completely isolated from all other grounds.

The PTT relay provides adequate current and voltage capability to switch tube rigs.

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