Yaesu MTU-80/40 RF u-tuning Unit

Yaesu MTU-80/40 RF u-tuning Unit
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MTU-80/40 RF u-tuning Unit B(80/40 band)

On the lower ham bands, the signal voltages impinging on a receiver can create noise and intermodulation effects that can cover up weak signals you're trying to pull through. Three modules (MTU-160, MTU-80/40, and MTU-30/20) are available - these modules may be connected externally with no internal modification required!
The RF u-Tuning filters utilize a stack of large 1.1" (28 mm) Ni-Zn Ferrite cores, driven through a silver-plated coil assembly by a precision stepper motor. The resulting high Q (typically over 300) provides a very steep resonance peak near your operating frequency. (On the 160m band, typically -3 dB@+-12 kHz, -30 dB@+-450 kHz.) And the 3rd order Intercept Point (IP3) is increased by 4 dB with the RF u-Tuning system. The ferrite cores utilized in the u-Tune filters are driven by a high- resulution, high torque stepper motor (4-phase unipolar motor/2-phase magnetization system) with angular resolution of 1.8deg, and the synchro belt drive has an estimated lifetime of more than 10,000 hours of actual operation. For 160-meter operation, the ferrite core diameter is 2.2" (55 mm)! The RF u-Tune system tracks your operating frequency, although you can manually skew the frequency response when special interference conditions require it.
If you turn the RF u-Tune system off when leaving your frequency or QSYing to other bands, the RF u-Tune system will be re-centering the u-Tune filter on your current operating frequency when the u-Tune is re-engaged.
Option for the FT-2000 series, FTDX5000 series, FTDX9000 series and FT-950.This MTU unit requires the external µ-tuning base kit when not mounted internally (which can only be done on the FTDX9000 series)
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