MyDEL Leg-Peg - RETRACTABLE LEGS for FT817/818

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MyDEL Leg-Peg - RETRACTABLE LEGS for FT817/818
Part Number: MYDEL-LEG-PEG
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See video above for installation instructions

Introducing the LEG-PEG RETRACTABLE LEGS for FT817/818

Unlike the wire designs seen before, this design allows the user to fold away the stand when not in use. Better still they are so beautifully made that it looks like Yaesu put them there in the first place.

The Leg Peg has been developed to improve the operating convenience, such as display readout and access to front panel keys when using your favourite rig, the Yaesu FT-817.

This useful accessory comes as a kit and the legs are made of stainless steel and provide maximum stability and longevity.

Main advantages of the Leg-Peg for the FT-817 are:

Permanently attached to the radio, that means you can't lose it or don't have to search for it prior to your outdoor activities.
Designed to be folded out for operation, tilted back for storage, and therefore out of the way when transporting the rig.
Comes with anti-skid rubber feet for both legs and self-adhesive rubber feet to be stuck on the rear area of the FT-817 bottom cover for non-skid operation of the radio.
Lightweight but sturdy design which uses stainless steel parts for the screws and legs, while high-quality nylon is used for washers.
Installation of the Leg-Peg does not interfere with shoulder strap attachment.
All front panel controls remain accessible with Leg Peg installed.


The parts supplied with the Leg Peg kit are of the highest quality. ML&S Ltd assumes no responsibility for damage to the FT817 due to parts substitution and installers are cautioned not to over-tighten screws to the point of striping or for uses of the Leg Peg other than is intended
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