Yaesu FTM-350R Accessories

Yaesu FTM-350R Accessories
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Yaesu CAB-1

Charger Sleeve for the BH-1A/BH-2A

£9.96(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-132

Control Cable (6m)

£24.13(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-133

GPS Extension Cable (3m)

£62.46(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu BH-2A


£108.29(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu T9026115 Spare Power Lead

DC Power Lead with fuse for FT7800 / FT7900 / FT8800 / FT8900 / FTM-10E / FTM-350E / FTM100 / FTM400 and the FTM-7250

£14.94(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-135

Clone Cable

£18.29(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu BU-1

**No longer availableInternal Bluetooth® Unit     Please see BU-2 

£83.29(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-140

Packet Cable (DIN 8-pin to Din 6-pin + Dsub 9-pin)

£36.63(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-141

Packet Cable (DIN 8-pin to Din 6-pin)

£18.29(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-142

Packet Cable (DIN 8-pin to Dsub 9-pin)

£34.13(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FPR-1

Monitor Unit. Requires CAB-1 for charging.

£64.13(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FVS-2

Yaesu FVS-2 VOICE GUIDE UNIT FOR FTM-400DE, FTM-100DE, DR1XE, FTM-350R. Once installed, this unit will speak your operating f...

£29.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu MH-48A6JA

DTMF Keypad 4 programmable buttons lamp switch lock switch up/down buttons Same microphone as the MH-48A6J, except that...

£33.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu CT-136

DISCONTINUEDExternal GPS Adapter for FGPS-2

£27.46(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu MH-42C6J

Hand Microphone

£30.79(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu MMB-98

Newly designed MMB-98 vacuum cup-mounting bracket with angle control.

£16.96(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FEP-4

NO LONGER AVAILABLEEarpiece for BH-1A Bluetooth Headset

£14.96(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu MLS-200

The MLS-200-M10 High-Power External Loudspeaker is a Waterproof (IP55) high performance communications speaker. It matches the imp...

£26.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
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Special offers
Yaesu HRI-200

Please note!  This unit will not work with the FT-991/aThe Yaesu WIRES-X HRI-200 (Wide-coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement...

£129.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
(3 reviews)

No longer in productionFT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200W TransceiverThe FT DX 5000MP HF/50 MHz 200 Watt Transceivers is a Premium Clas...

£3395.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FT-818ND

MyDel Leg Peg included with every new order worth £19.95MAKE SURE TO ADD to basket when orderingWe are pleased to ann...

£624.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FT891
(4 reviews)

Special Bundle Deal! FT-891 and FC-50 purchase price normally £917.90. Purchase both together at the same time and pay &po...

£679.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FTM-400DE - NEW Digital Mobile Transceiver
(7 reviews)

C4FM FDMA / FM - 144/430 MHz DUAL BAND TRANSCEIVER  >> <<   HRI-200 bundle option...

£399.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu FC-50 - Automatic Tuner for FT-891

The FC-50 is a microprocessor controlled antenna tuner designed specifically for use with the FT-891. The FC-50 can be coupled to ...

£237.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu SCU-LAN10 Network Remote Control System

Stop Press!!  New release from Yaesu Japan. Network Remote Interface for FTdx-101D/MP & FTDX10(ML&S offer incl...

£279.95(Inc VAT at 20%)
Yaesu SM-5000

The Yaesu SM-5000 station monitor adds sophistication and new capabilities to your FTDX-5000. It has an enhanced stereo speaker sy...

£349.95(Inc VAT at 20%)