DX Engineering Coax Cable Stripping Tools DXE-UT-808X
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Coax Cable Stripping Tool for Solder Connectors Only, for RG-8X, 9258, Mini-8, Tool Steel Blades, Each Strips Cable Type Belden...
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Coax Cable Stripping Tool for Solder Connectors Only, for RG-8X, 9258, Mini-8, Tool Steel Blades, Each

Strips Cable Type
Belden 9258

DX Engineering Coax Cable Stripping Tools provide a new and easy way to prepare your 50 ohm coax cable for the installation of solder-type PL-259 (UHF-male) and 2-piece solder-type "N" connectors. These handy coax cable strippers work on foam or solid dielectric cables with a precision, 2-step operation. DX Engineering strippers are made with premium, long-lasting tool-steel cutter blades for clean coaxial cable preparation. These cable stripping tools are intended to be used only on PVC and PE jacketed coaxial cables. 

Use our red DXE-UT-8213 Coax Cable Stripper for 0.405 in. OD cables. The following cables have been successfully stripped using the superior tool steel cutting blades of our DXE-UT-8213:

-- DXE-213U
-- DXE-8U
-- DXE-11U
-- Belden 8213 RG11/U 
-- Belden 8214 RG-8 foam 
-- Belden 8237 RG-8/U 
-- Belden 8267* RG-213/U 
-- Belden 9913 low-loss RG8 type (spiral dielectric material) 
-- Belden 9913F7 low-loss RG8 type, high-flex*
-- Davis RF "Bury Flex" 

The new purple UT-8213LR Coax Cable Stripping Tools have been designed to properly prepare RG-213 and 8U sized, 0.405 in. coaxial cables for silver-plated solder-type PL-259 connectors. These preparation tools will allow you to strip the coaxial cable with special dimensions to facilitate a unique method of soldering the shield to the back of the cable, proven at the K3LR world-wide contest station.

DXE-UT-8213 cutter blades are designed to cut through the more rigid materials encountered with high quality coaxial cables with an OD of 0.405 in with PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PE (polyethylene) jackets. 

Our green DXE-UT-808X prepares smaller coaxial cables such as DXE-8X and Mini 8. They have been designed and manufactured to properly prepare coaxial cable for use with DXE-PL259, PL-259 Silver Plated, PTFE Insulation PL-259 connectors and associated reducers, or the DXE-N1001-S Type-N Male Silver Plated, PTFE Insulation two-piece Type-N connector (requires a slight additional trimming of the cable center conductor length) and reducers.

DXE-UT-808X has been tested with:

--Belden 9258 RG-8/X 

These cable strippers are NOT intended for use with look-alike RG-8X cables with soft, rubbery, 'squirmy' outer jackets.

The best way to install solder connectors on your coaxial cables is to prep them the easy way: with DX Engineering Coax Cable Stripping Tools!

* Belden 8267 and Belden 9913F7: Some cable labeled as Belden 9913F7 and recently obtained Belden 8267 which have a similar, very "squirmy" or rubbery jacket, that are easy to bend into all shapes without rebounding, have proven very challenging to strip easily. The new jacket material seems different than the older Belden 9913F7 and 8267 samples we had on hand, apparently from earlier lots, that were originally used to test the DXE-UT-8213. Belden was contacted concerning this and a sample of the suspect 9913F7 was sent for testing. Belden informed us this was their cable (not a suspected counterfeit) and this is a known tolerance in their manufacturing process of this type coaxial cable jacket. Therefore, the DXE-UT-8213 may, or may not, work properly with some versions Belden 9913F7 or Belden 8267.

Times Microwave LMR-400UF Ultra-Flex has a similar rubbery, thermoplastic jacket that which cannot be stripped by this type of cutter.


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