Microham DXP Lightweight transceiver-to-computer USB interface
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Lightweight transceiver-to-computer USB interface featuring 24-bit audio,  CAT control, CW, FSK and digital modes...
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Lightweight transceiver-to-computer USB interface featuring 24-bit audio, 

CAT control, CW, FSK and digital modes like FT8, RTTY, PSK ...

DXP is a lightweight, portable transceiver-to-computer USB interface with high dynamic range and low noise 24-bit audio ADC and DAC to facilitate high quality Digital operation (FT8, RTTY, JTxx, PSK31, etc.) and FSK. 
CW operation is supported by the time-proven WinKey CW keyer developed by K1EL, now in version WKv3.1 with FSK support.

DXP is the first microHAM interface entirely utilizing Standard USB Class Devices for its USB operation. This means, that drivers are already incorporated in all current major computer operating systems, no driver installation is necessary. DXP does not need our USB Device Router for operation.

DXP is fully powered from a standard USB port while maintaining full galvanic isolation between computer and transceiver. The relay-free construction of DXP provides quiet operation based on an optoMOS part replacing the traditional output relay. CAT interface is jumper-free set up from the menu. The DB15F system connector is fully compatible with previous microHAM interfaces: USB II, USB III, DK, and DK II and uses the same DB15 cables.

High dynamic range 24-bit audio circuits are derived from the flagship interface - micro KEYER III, preserving transceiver performance also for digital modes, otherwise limited by 16-bit USB audio sound card built-in the transceiver or by using some other interface.




  • Single USB connection to computer for power, data and audio

  • Complete "Computer ↔ Transceiver ↔ Amplifier" galvanic isolation

  • Internal 24-bit USB Audio

  • Standard USB Audio Class device – no custom driver required

  • Asynchronous data transfer, internal low phase noise LO: -145dBc/Hz @1kHz

  • High dynamic range: 100 dB typical, 95 dB minimum

  • Extremely low noise floor: as low as

  • Real-Time audio input level monitoring on built-in display

  • Silent operation without relays

  • USB Class compatibility (Audio & CDC), no drivers required for Windows 10, macOS and Linux

Radio control (CAT):

  • Up to 115200 Baud

  • Integrated menu driven (no jumpers) level converter for CI-V, FIF-232, IF-232, or RS-232 levels

  • Supports most Elecraft, Icom, Kenwood, Ten-Tec, Yaesu and other radios

Digital (FSK/AFSK):

  • 24-bit, high dynamic range, very low distortion analog inputs

  • Dual channel receive capability

  • Ultra low noise floor, below the noise floor from any current transceiver

  • Front panel transmit/receive level control

  • UART based, zero jitter FSK output

  • Resamples computer standard 45.0 Baud rate for accurate 45.45 Baud HAM RTTY speed

  • Intelligent diddle stuffing to eliminate random gaps between characters for best decoding performance

  • Supports data codes with 5/6/7/8 data bits and 1/1.5/2 stop bits

  • Sample accurate support for audio based P-FSK keying

  • Adjustable FSK keying polarity

  • USB keyboard support for stand alone FSK transmission with type ahead function


  • Genuine WinKey™ version 3 chip

  • Front panel speed knob, stand alone operation

  • Sample accurate support for audio based Q-CW keying

  • USB keyboard support for stand alone CW transmission with type ahead function

  • Six (6) user programmable memories


  • Isolated, high voltage optoMOS based PAPTT keying output, no clicking relays

  • Huge filtering for maximum RFI immunity, Metal/Aluminum case, Free firmware upgrades



  • USB 2.0 Full speed, isolated
  • CDC – serial ports
  • UAC1 asynchronous/synchronous downstream, max. 24-bit/48kHz
  • asynchronous upstream, 24-bit/48kHz

Power consumption:

  • USB – less than 250mA

Radio Port:

  • RxD, TxD – max. 115200 Baud
  • Levels: FIF-232, IF-232, CI-V, RS-232


  • open collector, max 30V/400mA


  • open collector, max 30V/400mA
  • 5/6/7 bit data, 1/1.5/2 stop bits, up to 300 Baud


  • open collector, max 30V/400mA


  • optoMOS, max. 300VAC/VDC @ 0.1A

Foot Switch/PTTIN:

  • active when closed to ground, max load: 1 mA at 3.3V

Audio Line Output:

  • 600 Ohm, max. 1.5Vp-p
  • AC coupled

Audio Line In:

  • 10K Ohm, max 3Vp-p
  • dual channel (Stereo)
  • Dynamic Range: min. 95dBA, typ. 105dBA
  • THD: 0.0012%
  • IMD+Noise: 0.006%
  • AC coupled


  • 150mm x 105mm 30mm


  • 0.35 kg


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