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W3NQN Band Pass filters are the best single band filters you can buy. Each one is hand-made by W3NQN or by K7MI to W3NQN's specifications. The...
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W3NQN Band Pass filters are the best single band filters you can buy. Each one is hand-made by W3NQN or by K7MI to W3NQN's specifications. The performance of these W3NQN design filters, regardless of who assembles them is the same. We will fill your order using the filters we have on hand when you place your order. K7MI's filters are those that have been used in our FilterMax units for years and we are now also shipping them in single band packaging.

From time to time, we may be out of stock of one or more of them.

If you are planning a DXpedition or a contest expedition where you will need these filters, please order in advance and let us know when you actually need to have them in your possession. We will work with you to meet your schedule.

The 2 kW low pass filters and Broadcast Band (BCB) filters are all made by W3NQN only and should be considered as "special order" items that are not likely to be in stock. An interval of several weeks should be expected for delivery.


200 W W3NQN band pass filters ( including 60 meters)
BandPasser Singles Economical 200 W Band Pass Filters
FM-6 filter switching system that can switch filters as directed by a band decoder or switch
FilterMax IV - 6 W3NQN Bandpass Filters In ONE Compact BOX with removable and replaceable filters
New BandPasser II model AS-419 economical 6 band automatic or manual 100 Watt band pass filter system
MARS filters
2000 W low pass filters for reducing harmonics.
Military HF, Commercial HF, and Marine Communications system


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