MESSI & PAOLONI ULTRAFLEX 7 - better than RG213 but near to the size of Mini 8

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MESSI & PAOLONI ULTRAFLEX 7 - better than RG213 but near to the size of Mini 8
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Any of our cables can be ordered in any length you require in multiples of 10m's. There is a 10% discount for 100m+ (seleect from drop down box above)

If you require specific lengths then please call our sales office on 0345 2300 599

Ham Radio professional coaxial cable with stranded core (19 wires) and extraordinary flexibility. The external PVC jacket is in black UV resistant PVC. This cable delivers exceptional mechanical features and electrical properties. Notwithstanding its small dimension (7,3 mm) its performances are so good to outperform RG 213 U (10,3 mm) and put into shade the competitor cables of the same diameter.

Nominal Impedance Ohms +/-3

Minimum bending radius OUT/IN

Capacitance +/-2 pF/m

Velocity Ratio

Screening Efficiency

Inner conductor resistance

Outer conductor resistance

Tension Test (spark test)

Weight (100m)

MAX Peak Power

Installation Temperature

Operative Temperature

50 Ohm

68/34 mm

75 pF/m


>105 dB (Class A++)

7.3 Ohm/Km

9.8 Ohm/Km

4 kV

6.3 Kg

4400 WATT

-40° to +60° C

-55° to +85° C



NB:  The following is an example only, so connector and cable shown in images may differ, but the assembly process is correct.


Messi & Paoloni

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