Messi And Paoloni Dipoflex 200m Drum wire

Messi And Paoloni Dipoflex 200m Drum wire
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MESSI & PAOLONI DIPOFLEX wire is the best solution for the construction of Dipoles, End Fed Half Waves, Verticals, Long Wires and all your antenna experiments. Also very effective for use as ground or elevated radials.
The 1.25- Sq mm  conductor ensures excellent conductivity at all frequencies, as opposed to the wires in CCS that due to the skin effect, have a poor conductivity at low frequencies. The mechanical seal is guaranteed by the strong and flexible construction composed of 19 copper wires. The sheath of polyethylene with anti-UV additives in the compound, ensures a long life even under extreme conditions.

Dipole antenna wire, made of pure copper geometrically stranded.
Conductor: Copper 19 X 0,29mm (19 X 0.011 in)
Diameter: 1,45 mm (0.057 in)
Section: 1,25 (0.0019 in2)
Electrical resistance: 15 Ohm/Km (4.6 Ohm/1000ft)
Sheath: PE black with UV filter
Diameter: 2.20 mm (0.086 in)
Tear resistance: 45 Kg (99.2 lb)
Weight: 1.338 Kg/100m (2.95 lb/100ft)

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