BHI NEDSP1901-PCB Noise Eliminating DSP Module

BHI NEDSP1901-PCB Noise Eliminating DSP Module
Part Number: BHI-NEDSP1901-PCB
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Easy to install audio DSP module will clean up you noise speech signals!

The NEDSP1901-PCB audio DSP noise cancelling module removes unwanted noise and interference from noisy speech signals giving you clear intelligible speech. 

The NEDSP1901-PCB DSP noise cancelling pcb module utilises a powerful high-performance audio processing system and a unique DSP noise cancelling algorithm to distinguish speech from noise and interference within audio signals.  This results in clear intelligible speech under most conditions and works especially well on weak signals. The NEDSP1901-PCB module is a direct pin for pin replacement module for the discontinued NEDSP1061-PCB module.  It operates with a similar specification but incorporates the latest bhi DSP noise cancelling technology and maintains virtually the same physical dimensions as the NEDSP1061-PCB.

The NEDSP1901-PCB module is designed to pass speech. Other signals such as data, music and morse (CW) will, to some degree pass through, but the integrity of these signals cannot be guaranteed.

Like the 1061 it is designed to be placed in a low level audio path (up to 1V p-p) only, although there is a level adjustment on the module which will require adjustment.  The output will not drive a loudspeaker or other high power load.

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