RM Italy BLA-600

RM Italy BLA-600
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The BLA 600 is a wideband compact, fully automatic 500W wideband linear amplifier for the HF bands and 6m, from 1.8 to 54 MHz. Totally ideal for running the legal output of 400W on HF/6m

Click here for the QST review - Courtesy of QST Feb 2019

Key Features/Specifications:
Using Freescale MRFE6VP5600
Output 500W. Dual MCU Control
Fast PIN Diode RX-TX TX-RX switching enables QSK operation
2x16 LCD Display for Amplifier Status
Seperate LED displays for power and antenna VSWR
Input drive from 1W to maximum of 40W (TBC)
3 user configurable Antenna Output connectors
Dual large diameter MCU controlled
Multispeed cooling fans for efficient cooling
Linear 1200W Quiet PSU 115 - 230 - 240 Vac
Weight: 21.5kg


Frequency: 1.8-30 MHz & 50-54 MHz

LPF’s Optimised for 1.800-2.000 MHz

the following Bands: 3.500-4.000 MHz

 7.000-7.300 MHz

 10.100-10.150 MHz

 14.000-14.350 MHz

 18.068-18.168 MHz

 21.000-21.450 MHz

 24.890-24.990 MHz

 28.000-29.700 MHz

 50.000-54.000 MHz

Active Device: NXP / Freescale MRFE6VP5600H (50V)

Output Power: 500W+ PEP P1dB

Input Power: 20-25W for 500W O/P 80-10m

 30-40W for 500W O/P 160m & 6m

Power Gain: Typical 14dB +/- 1dB (80-10m)

Output Harmonic / Spurious Distortion: HF >-45dB 6m >-60dBc

Input: 50 Ohms Unbalanced UHF SO239 Female

Input Matching:

Output: 3x 50 Ohms Unbalanced UHF SO239 Female

 Teflon Insulator, Gold plated terminal.

Supply Voltage: 120 Vac +5-5%

 230 Vac +6-10%

 240 Vac +10-6%

 50/60Hz 1200VA max

AC Input Fuse: 5 x 20mm F LBC 250V (Fast Blow)

 240Vac Supply 5A

 230Vac Supply 6A

 115Vac Supply 10A

PA Current: 27A max (hardware protected)

Metering: Drain Current (Id), Drain Voltage (Vd), Relative

 Output Power, Input Power (Pin), Relative Load

 VSWR, Heatsink Temperature, Transistor

 Temperature, PSU Temperature.


PTT Input: Close to ground TX, Open Circuit RX, (Suitable

 for Open Drain / Collector / Relay switching).

 Output +5V S/C current

ALC Output: Negative going voltage, (0 to –10V), Adjustable.


Dimensions: 430mm x 142mm x 324mm (Width x Height x


Weight: 21.5 kg

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