Heil Pro Set 7 Interchangeable Microphone Elements. HC-7, HC-74, iC-7

Heil Pro Set 7 Interchangeable Microphone Elements. HC-7, HC-74, iC-7
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   Pro Set 7 Options : PRO7-RED PROSET 7, red    Pro Set 7 Options : PRO7-IC Black for ICOM, schwarz.    Pro Set 7 Options : PRO7-BLUE PROSET 7, blue    Pro Set 7 Options : PRO7-IC-RED PROSET-7 for ICOM, red.    Pro Set 7 Options : PRO7-IC-BLUE PROSET-7 for ICOM, blue    Pro Set 7 Options : PRO7-BLACK
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These three user-replaceable and interchangeable microphone elements for the popular Pro 7 Headset make customizing your headset easy.
The HC-74 (orange) is a redesign of the popular HC-4 element and has been developed for serious contest/DX operators. It rolls off the low end at 600 Hz with a 10 dB rise at 2500-3000 Hz, which creates a very articulate signal to break through pileups.
The Dynamic HC -7 element exhibits a frequency response  of 100 Hz - 12 kHz with the -3dB points at 100 Hz  and 12 kHz. The traditional Heil speech articulation rise is centered at 2K - 4KHz. The impedance is 600 ohm.
Designed exclusively for iCOM radios, the iC Electret element has a -3dB fixed point at 35 Hz and 12kHz with the sensitivity of -48 at 1500 ohms output centered at 1kHz. The iC element solves the problems with LOW GAIN iCOM radios but can also work with great results on newer iCOM models. Bias power is applied to operate the iC electret element. 
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