Heil Sound Pro-Set Elite 6

Heil Sound Pro-Set Elite 6
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The new Heil Pro Set Elite is the ultimate boomset designed for commercial sportscasters, podcasters and amateur radio operators using the newly designed Heil HC 6 wide response microphone element. The new technology of the Heil HC 6 is designed for full range commercial AM or FM network broadcasts or can be adjusted (with radio adjustment) for bright, articulate audio to cut through amateur radio noise and signal pileups. The Pro Set Elite offers dual side, highly efficient speakers mounted in acoustically tuned chambers which produce high rejection of outside noise. The exclusive Heil Phase Reversal feature allows the user to move the signal acoustically, which creates a spatial widening of the sound field that makes it easier to 'see' a signal inside a pileup while removing listener fatigue during prolonged use. The headphone's speakers fold up for easy transportation and storage.
The field-replaceable cushioned ear pads also come with removable cotton covers that can be easily removed for washing. The 6' coiled cable terminates in a 1/8" mono plug for the microphone, and a stereo 1/8" plug for headphone speaker connection. A 1/8" to 1/4" adapter is also supplied. The PRO SET ELITE works with all Heil AD-1 adapter cables, which mate with just about every type of amateur radio transceiver.
There are two different models:
Pro Set Elite - 6 contains the Heil HC 6 full range dynamic broadcast element. The HC-6 is designed for commercial broadcast applications; the -3dB points are fixed at 100 Hz and 12.5 kHz, with sensitivity of -57 dB at 600 Ohms output impedance (centered at 1kHz). Using new dynamic technology, the HC 6 response can be equalized to match just about any requirement, from full range commercial broadcasting to serious contest and DXing. 
Pro Set Elite - iC contains the specially designed high performance electret condenser which was designed for low level mic inputs used in many iCOM amateur radio transceivers. The -3dB points are fixed at 80 Hz and 12.5 kHz. The iC element requires + 5 Volts DC phantom power, which all iCOM rigs provide.
Some state laws prohibit the use of headsets while operating a vehicle. Please check with your local regulations and restrictions prior to usage of this product while operating a vehicle
Heil Sound were the first to bring professional sound to ham radio. Their famous headsets have been in use by hams around the world, contest groups and DXpeditions. These headsets have used the world famous HC-4 and HC-5 inserts.

Time marches on and with the new DSP transmit audio features in many ham transceivers, Heil have now introduced the new HC-6 insert that is presented in the new Elite headset. This dynamic element has been specially designed to suit ham radio with good output level and a response and electrical characteristic that allows your ham DSP system to produce really beautiful audio to suit your needs and your voice.

Using a 0.82 inch diameter Myler diaphragm, the -3dB points of the wide frequency response are set at 100Hz and 12.5kHz with a sensitivity of -57fB at 600 Ohms centred on 1kHz. The new HC-6 element can be equalised to match just about any requirement.
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