Safety Mic - Hands free for mobile radios

Safety Mic - Hands free for mobile radios
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The New MyDEL Mobile Microphone with gooseneck boom fits under the sun visor hinge.

Features a switch box with PTT for TX/RX and UP/DOWN buttons, the box comes with rubber O-Ring for connecting to gear lever and also has built in alarm circuit which is activated after 2.5m of continuous transmission, after this time the radio comes back to reception mode.

The safety mic is available for the following radios:
  • Icom Radios: IC-706, IC-7000, IC-7100, IC-E2820, ID-E880, ID-5100
  • Yaesu Radios: FT-7900, FT-8800, FT-8900, FT-1802, FT-1900, FT-2900, FT-817, FT-857, FT-897, FTM-400E**
                                **Note for FTM-400E : Buttons UP/DOWN on the safety mic don't work.
  • Kenwood Radios: TM-D710, TM-V71, TS-480
  • High Quality Condensor microphone: 1pc
  • Flexible Gooseneck: 8mm (total lenght:280mm)
  • Microphone Card: 3 meters
  • Matching Output Impedance: 500-100K Ohms
  • Output Voltage: 12V ~ 15V dc
  • Size of Switch Box: 44  x 38 x 67 mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 240g
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Getting good audio reports after setting the mic gain control (labelled vol) to max and with mic about 6 to 9 inches away from my mouth. Mic gain seems to adust between good and unreadable/very faint so would suggest this is kept max. Only instructions are on back of packaging which means no manual for future use. Would recommend
Extremely good for on move operation
Verified with ML&S that this would work with the FTM-100 (as well as the mentioned FTM-400). The 100 uses the smaller of the yaseu mic plugs and there are 2 versions of this mic, one for each. Fitting was in my car very easy. The mic bracket fitted perfectly around one of the sun visor screws. The cable went down the rubber trim, under the floor mats and over to the gear stick with some to spare. Once the mic is plugged into the PTT switch (which fits on gear stick) there was a decent amount of cable to then connect to the radio. As ML&S note with the FTM-400 & 100 radios the up / down buttons don't work. Actually on the 100 it sends 4 or 7 to the radio depending which you push. For me it's not an issue as the remote mount front panel on the FTM-100 is directly in front of the gear stick anyway. The PTT fitted easily with the rubber gasket around the stick. It's a switch not a button and very easy to use on the move, just need to be careful not to flip by mistake. Flip to transmit for rag chew, then back to receive when done so hands free all time except during start or end of a transmission. A built in 2:30 min alert beep and 3:00 cutoff (not yet tested but noted in manual) ensure you won't leave it on by mistake and also help with repeater use. Had good audio reports back so would recommend to anyone wanting hands free operation.
Safety Mic - Hands free for mobile radios
Works very well straight out of the packing, just fit and go pre-set factory setting spot on!
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