Yaesu M-90MS Microphone Stand Kit

Yaesu M-90MS Microphone Stand Kit
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Supplied Accessories:

Handheld PTT Controller, W3/8 Nut (for mounting on a commercially available microphone stand), Operating Manual *Microphone stand is not included in the M-90MS Kit.

The M-90MS utilises a dynamic microphone element that is finely tuned to deliver rich low to mid frequency response desirable for a clear and concise conversation.

Using a windscreen cover and a directional microphone element, the structure of the microphone of the M-90MS is designed to concentrate voice input from the front while reducing ambient noise from the side.

Built-in Low-Cut filter creates clear and crisp audio characteristics by shaping the low frequency response (cut off at 340Hz, -6dB/octave).

An isolation transformer is integrated in the circuit board in order to enhance the audio quality.

The M-90MS* are compatible with all YAESU HF transceivers equipped with the round 8-pin microphone connector or the 8-pin modular microphone connector. We believe that the M-90D and M-90MS will have a positive impact on your YAESU HF transceivers business.

M-90MS Kit Microphone Stand Kit M-90MS Kit is a Microphone Stand Kit which includes W3/8 Nut, a handheld PTT controller and a microphone head which can be mounted on a microphone stand. Microphone stand is not included. This kit requires a commercially available microphone stand. The M-90MS Kit requires an optional SCU-53 cable to connect to transceivers equipped with the round 8- pin microphone connector.*
Microphone Type: Dynamic microphone Supply

Voltage: DC5.0 V ±10 %

Frequency Response: 30 - 17000Hz

Sensitivity: - 60 dB(1kHz 0 dB=1V/1Pa)

Microphone Impedance: 600 Ohms

Dimensions (W x H x D):
M-90D: 4.17" x 7.56" x 4.98" (W106 x H192 x D126.5 mm) * H: Maximum when microphone head position is flat.

Compatible Transceivers:

FTDX101 series*2
FTDX9000 series*2
FTDX5000 series*2
FT-857/D, FT-818ND, FT-817/ND
FT-1000MP*2 , FT-1000MP MARK-V*2
FT-950*2 , FT-920*2 , FT-900, FT-990 *1 *2
FT-897/D, FT-847*2
FT-1000*1 * 2 FT-850*1 * 2 FT-840*1 * 2 FT-747*1 * 2

* 1 Requires the optional Power Supply Kit (for M-90D and M-90MS Kit)
* 2 Requires the optional cable SCU-53 (for M-90MS Kit)
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