Palm Code-Cube

Palm Code-Cube
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An accessory electronic keyer module for the MP-817 mini-paddle key. Clips on the back of the MP-817 and is for rigs with no internal keyer facility.

Measuring a mere 25 x 25 x 34 mm, the Code Cube is a full-featured electronic memory keyer that plugs into any Palm Mini Paddle - no external wiring, just plug it in. And for those who prefer a different paddle, there will be a stand-alone version of the Code Cube with a powder-coated aluminum housing. The Code Cube utilizes the popular Jackson Harbor Press PK3 chip. It is powered by the readily available, long lasting (200 mAh) CR2032 3V Lithium Cell (included).

The Code Cube keying speed is adjustable from 5 to 39 WPM not through a hard to find menu, but via a handy thumbwheel. The preferred speed range can be selected with a trim pot on the bottom of the PCB. We also integrated a sidetone oscillator which drives the built-in piezo buzzer for code practicing and programming as well as side-tone if your radio doesn't have it. The tone frequency can be adjusted from 500 Hz to about 7KHz, covering the resonant frequency of the piezo buzzer of about 4 KHz. SMD parts are used to realize this miniature keyer.

The Code Cube has two 50+ character memories making it usable for most contest exchanges. It also features storage of your callsign and automatic CQ generation, so you don't have to devote one of the two memories to a CQ!The unit will be available in black or gray color options for the plastic parts: buttons, wheel, and housing to match either your paddles or rig.
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