Remoterig RRC-1258MkIIs Yaesu FT-857 KIT

Remoterig RRC-1258MkIIs Yaesu FT-857 KIT
Part Number: MICROBIT-1258MK11857KIT
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RRC-1258MkIIs v7 FT-857 is a package with hardware and software for the Yaesu FT-857.
The control cables are included and no strapping is needed, only IP-configurations etc.

The ordinary Remoterig RRC-1258MkIIs v7 can be used with home made cables.
RRC-1258MkIIs v6 and earlier versions can be used with home made cables and some mods on the pcb.

Included in the package is:

Control-RRC RRC1258MkIIs v7
Radio-RRC RRC1258MkIIs v7
USB cable
Power cables (2 pc)
Mic strap pcb (2 pc)
Control cable Y9a (2 pc)
Mic cable FTP Cat5e

Pinheader for WiFi unit is in place
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