Yaesu G-1000DXC

Yaesu G-1000DXC
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Rotator Plugs now included worth £26.95! 

Key Features

Compass Display
Stop may be set at North of South.
Preset Control  
For hands-free rotation during busy operating sessions.
Variable Speed 
40 - 100 seconds for 360º rotation. (55 sec for the G-1000C)
Gear System
Quiet, gear reduction braking system
Quick Disconnect Plug
For safety during lightning
Variable-Voltage DC Motor (Not availalable on the G-1000C)
Designed for mounting INSIDE a support tower, at least 1m from the top.

Download the manual clicking

Please Note! 

All Yaesu rotators use an advanced locking (braking) mechanism & if you shake the body of the rotator you will be able to hear a slight rattle. This is perfectly normal. The design stops the rotator gears being damaged due to the inertia in the antenna when it comes to a stop.


 G-1000DXC Rotator

Recommended Application Medium/Heavy-Duty for large HF Arrays
Wind Load  2.2  m²
K-Factor (Turning Radius x Weight of Ae)  230
Stationary Torque  6,000kg/cm
Rotation Torque  1,100 - 600kg/cm (G-1000C; 800kg)
Max Vertical Load  200kg
Max Vertical Intermittend Load  800kg
Backlash  1º
Mast Size  38 - 63 Φ
360º Rotation Time  40 - 100 sec. (G-1000C; 55sec)
180º Elevation Time  N/A
Boom Diametre  N/A
Rotator Diametre x Height  186 Φ x 300
Weight  3.5kg
Cable Requirement (# cores/wires)  6          (G-1000C; 5)

Specifications are subject to change 
without notice or obligation.


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