KC-901 KC951011 N type 6GHz OSL calibration kit

KC-901 KC951011 N type 6GHz OSL calibration kit
Part Number: MYDEL-KC-951011
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KC951011 calibration kit

This kit includes an open short-circuiter + a load.

KC951011 is a product of Deepace. Nominal electrical length is 5.26mm.

After the calibration, the phase uncertainty is in the conformity of the KC901S’s announced indices. Open short-circuiter can be operated up to 6 GHz.

Load series product HS is got from a strictly selected. It’s in the range of 0~2.5G, RL is better than 42dB; Better than 36db (guarantee indices); Better than 30dB in the range of 3~6G (Not in the guarantee indices).

The typical value is better than 45dB in the range of 0~2GHz; better than 42dB in the range of 2~3 GHz.

This product is fit with KC901S vector antenna analyzer. It also can be used with other network analyzers.

Design life : 500 times

Contrast period (suggested): per 100 times

Warranty period: 30 days

Due to that this calibration kit is expendable and its lifetime has directed relationship with its using times, its warranty period is a bit short. Please use the product soon after receiving the it. If there is any quality problem, please contact us.

Calibration kit is a precious testing attachment, so please use it and keep it properly. Also please calibrate it in a regular time. Before the calibration, you must do the checking, cleaning of the connector. Also avoid damaging the calibration kit. Open short-circuiter can be cleaned by being wiped with cleaning water or ethyl alcohol. Hold the shaft part when connecting. You only need to screw the swivel nut. Please don’t make the whole calibrator spinning. Press the yellow part first before connecting the load, then screw the swivel nut. It can try to avoid that the yellow part spinning with it.

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