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The First One - The world’s first RF multimeter

 Powerful Features
  • Test frequencies up to 3GHz
  • 1Hz stepping over the entire frequency range
  • >110dB dynamic range *
  • Tracking receiver & narrowband detection
* in accordance with Technical parameters

Main Features
  • Transmission test (tuning diplexer and filter, testing amplifier and inspecting the directivity of antennas)
  • Reflection test (examining quality of antenna system and feeder system, a tracking receiver is used to improve the noise performance)
  • Spectrum display and field strength detection (inspecting radio frequency emissions / searching interference sources)

  • KC901H is designed for debugging RF devices, such as diplexer, filter, amplifier, splitter, combiner, and testing standing wave of antennas and insertion loss of feeders.
  • To test a transmitter or receiver, add external attenuator to extend input power range
  • Perform field strength measurement and interference detection in most frequencies.
  • Detect the fault point of cables / speed factor measurement.

A standard packing includes:
  • KC901H
  • Charger
  • Strap 
  • User manual 
  • Size: 230×113×46mm(length, width , height )
  • Weight(including battery): Net weight of host <1.5kg / Total weight ≈2.0kg
Frequency range:
  • Transmission test 100 KHz…3GHz (0…100 kHz is allowed)
  • Reflex test 1.5MHz…3GHz (0…1.5MHz is allowed)

Output level (typical value):
  • +7dBm or 5mW(1MHz——2GHz)
  • +0dBm(2——3GHz)

Input sensitivity:
  • superior to -107dBm or 1μV(50KHz——1GHz)
  • superior to -87dBm or 10μV(1——2.2GHz)

Damaged level:
  • all the RF ports DC15V,+20dBm
  • Test range 0f S21 (typical value):
  • 110dB(1MHz——1GHz,about 60dB in 100KHz , about 120dB in 435MHz)
  • 80dB(1——2.2GHz),60dB(2.2——2.5GHz)

  • Frequency is 1Hz, level is 0.1 dB
  • (Typical value,@25℃,battery voltage≥7.5V)
  • ±1.5dB(spectrum measurement,REF=20dBm)
  • ±3dB(spectrum mode and field mode)
  • ±(1+0.05L)dB(in S21test,when calibration is directly connected and insertion loss L≤60dB)
  • +2dB,-3dB*(loss,simple calibration, 25MHz≤f≤1GHz,6dB≤RL≤18dB)
*No guarantees. Use external bridge to meet more requirements referring to 5.2.5

Internal bridge directionality(typical value):
  • 18dB(3MHz——15MHz,1.2GHz——2GHz)
  • 30dB(15MHz——1.2GHz)
  • 16dB(2GHz——3GHz)
  • Frequency stability:
  • ±1ppm/year@25℃

Supply voltage:
  • 11.5V…32V(external power );7.2…8.4V(battery)
  • 105V…230V,50/60Hz(power adapter input)
  • Battery endurance(typical value,@25℃):
  • 3hours (spectrum ,field, signal source);1hour (S21 or S11 includes insertion loss test)
  • 20hours (in STOP mode,BL=1)

Humiture range:
  • 0…45℃(normal temperature range )
  • 10%…90%R.H.,no condensation
  • size: 230×113×46mm(length, width , height )
  • weight(including battery): Net weight of host <1.5kg / Total weight ≈2.0kg
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