EAntenna 59+ 10 ELEMENTS 10-12-15-17-20m - R2010156

EAntenna 59+ 10 ELEMENTS 10-12-15-17-20m - R2010156
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The new EAntenna 59+ is a 5 bands, 10 elements beam antenna with a superb performance for a boom length of only 5,75 meters. Its design, both electrical and mechanical, has been computer optimized to attain the best performance among all antennas in its class available in the market.
The EAntenna 59+ does nor use traps, nor load coils, nor linear loads that might introduce loses. The placement and spacing of all elemnets has been carefully designed to avoid negative interactions among bands. All the active elements for a specific band do not contain on any case an interlaced element of greater size between the driver cell array and its corresponding reflector or director. The results are a great figure of gain and a very cleanl radiation lobe.
The antenna consists of a logaritmic driven cell that adds an initial significative gain which is reinforced notably by placing a single-band reflector for each of the bands from 20 meters to 15 meters and by adding an additional director for 10 and 12 meters in front of the logaritmic cell array. The antenna is fed through its log cell array, which delivers a greater SWR bandwidth apart of an increase of gain when compared to other single element feeding systems.
Active Elements: 7 7 7 6 7
Frequency Range: 14,0 ~14,35 18,06 ~18,17 21,0 ~21,45 24,8 ~25,0 28,0 ~ 29,7 MHz.
Gain: (dBi) 6,8 6,9 7,2 7,8 8,0 dBi *
Gain: (dBi) 12,3 12,4 12,7 12,8 13,5 dBi **
F/B: >22 dB >22 dB >25 dB >25 dB >25 dB
SWR: 1,1:1~1,2:1 1,1:1~1,2:1 1,1:1~1,3:1 1,1:1~1,2:1 1,1:1 ~ 1,5:1
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Max. Power: 10 kW. ***
Boom Length: 5,75m / 18,85'
Turning Radius: 5,98m / 19,60'
Wind Survival: ≥ 160kmh / ≥ 100mph
Weight: 38,8 Kg / 85,5 Pounds
Package dimensions: (W x H x L) 28x13x200cm / 11x5,1x78,7 "
* Gain dBi (Gain over isotropic in free space).
** Gain dBi at 20m above ground
*** 3 kW Balun included, there are options of 5 and 10 kW.
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