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Hustler 4-BTV
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4-BTV HUSTLER 40-10m Vertical 1kW

4 Bands - Coverage 40, 20, 15, 10m - Bandwidth Full - SWR 1.15:1 - Power 1kW - Traps 25.4mm formers - Tubing 31.75mm - Bracket size 44.45mm - Height 6.52m - Weight 6.8kg -Radials provided by user, can be ground mounted.

Exclusive trap design makes Hustler traps ultra stable and dependable. With Hustler verticals, you can not only adjust frequency by tubing length, you can actually tune the traps for up to 2MHz shift. Large diameter tubing gives full bandwidth on 10m - 40m with VSWR typically better than 1.6:1 at band edges. On 80m you will achieve around 80kHz bandwidth. Absence of tapered tubing makes this antenna really rigid and the 0.315in base tube wall adds to the rigidity. Longer than comparable verticals, these antennas are really efficient. As Hustler says, these antennas offer solid signals, solid construction and solid value.

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Great antenna
I bought one from ML&S and I mounted it directly on a 5 ft ground stake driven into the ground, with no radials, due to space restrictions. I used the DX Engineering assembly instructions available on the Internet. I respected the recommended approximative starting dimensions and I got from my analyzer 1.1-1.8 SWR in all bands with no other adjustments. Yes, I agree I was lucky, but this antenna is working like a dream. Highly recommended where space is limited. M0JHV
Hustler 4btv
Have tried cheapo vertical antennas before..but results were poor. Assembled the 4btv as per instructions, set it up a bit with analyser ...first 2 contacts OD5 ..and A61...tx ts590s barefoot. Impressed with performance and construction of aerial. 20 radials on . Deffo buy this...! GI4GID
btv 4
i have one of the btv4 antennas ground mounted this is a very good antenna the btv4 is very well made for anyone looking to buy a virtical antenna get the btv 4 do the ground work it took me 3 days to put the coax 6 inches under the ground and put out 4 radials per band and half an hour to put up the antenna i have had good reports from all over the world just on my 10w take your time do the ground work and the btv4 will work better than you think i am very happy with my btv4 thankyou to martin lynch & sons.
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