MFJ-1796 Vertical Antenna

MFJ-1796 Vertical Antenna
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MFJ-1796 6-band Vertical Antenna.

Bands: 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2m - Power rating:1kW 40, 20,15, 10m - 700W 6m - 300W 2m - VSWR: 1.2:1 (typical) - Bandwidth (2:1): Full band - 1/2 wave: 2 & 6m - Radiation Angle: Low - Freq. Selection: Automatic - High-Q coils no traps - No Radials or Ground - Height: 3.65m 0.609m footprint - Weight: 5.25kg.
Only 12 feet high and has a tiny 24 inch footprint! Mount anywhere -- ground level to tower top -- apartments, small lots, trailers. Perfect for vacations, field day, DXpedition, camping.

Efficient end-loading, no lossy traps. Entire length is always radiating. Full size halfwave on 2/6 Meters. High power air-wound choke balun eliminates feedline radiation. Adjusting 1 band has minimum effect on others.
The MFJ-1796 vertical antenna that will fit into a small space. Vertical antennas are known for their low angle radiation for DX working, even when erected at a low height. There are no radials and subject to safety restrictions, it can be erected as low as 1.5m above the ground. Ceramic coils and end loading ensure that losses are kept to a minimum and each band can be individually resonated.
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