Bushcomm FD-100 Folded Dipole (125w Voice) 3-30mhz 27m

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Bushcomm FD-100 Folded Dipole (125w Voice) 3-30mhz 27m
Part Number: BUSH-FD100
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The Bushcomm FD-100 is a compact, competitively priced folded dipole alternative to our best-selling model, the BBA-100 3 wire broadband antenna. The Folded Dipole not only covers the same frequency range as the BBA-100, it has the same overall length and power input of 125W PEP. Best of all, as with the majority of our antennas, no tuner is required.

The Folded Dipole is a multi-wire that is relatively light in weight. By having only two stainless steel wires compared to the BBA-100’s three wires, it also has less wind loading and an SWR of better that 2.5 (typically 1.5-1.6). Dont think that just because this is an economy-priced antenna, it doesn’t mean quality or performance has been compromised in any way. It is still built to withstand the rigours of the world's harshest environments. 

Special Features
  •  No Tuner Required
  •  UV Resistant Spacer Rods
  •  UV Resistant Balun/Load Boxes
  •  Stainless Steel Wire & Fittings

Frequency Range: 3-30MHz
Input Impedance: 50 Ohms
Power Input: 125w PEP (voice) for 3-30MHz
Input Connector: UHF-type socket


Shipping Weight: 3kg
Antenna Length: 27m
Mast Spacing: 32m Horizontal configuration, 18m inverted "v" configuration (with a 10m tower)
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