Bushcomm Mil-2H Tactical Broadband HF Dipole 100W (With 10M cable)

Bushcomm Mil-2H Tactical Broadband HF Dipole 100W (With 10M cable)
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Bushcomm’s tactical HF Antennas are lightweight and uncompromising, made to work with the world's most popular military transceivers. They are designed for quick deployment in challenging conditions. The Tactical Broadband Dipole Antenna incorporates loading to provide controlled impedance across the HF band. 

This removes the need for an antenna tuner, and allows operation with frequency agile/frequency hopping communications modes. For operation, each side of the antenna is unwound to its full length. Throwing cords are provided that can be used to elevate the antenna or tie it to ground for an inverted V configuration.

  •  3.6-30 MHz frequency range
  •  No tuner required
  •  Light weight and packs away for easy transport
  •  Tough, durable, perfect for outdoor environments
  •  Flexible arrangements for deployment depending on environment
  •  Perfect for frequency agile transmitters
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  • Frequency Range 3.6 - 30 MHz
  • Maximum power rating MIL-2 (BU01066) - 125w PEP/40w Cont. MIL-2H (BU01067) - 200w PEP/100w Cont.
  • Impedance 50 ohm

  • Material Kevlar core, copper braid, pvc sheath
  • Length 48m
  • Weight 1.2kg (125W) 1.55kg (200W)
  • Packed size 37cm x 18cm x 5cm
  • Connector SO239
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