Bushcomm MIL-4 Portable Tactical Tuned End Fed HF Antenna (Kevlar)

Bushcomm MIL-4 Portable Tactical Tuned End Fed HF Antenna (Kevlar)
Part Number: MIL-4
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The MIL-4 is a Tactical Tuned End Fed antenna that is easy to transport, deploy and repack. An efficient resonant antenna, the MIL-4 has proven its performance in various military applications all around the world. The MIL-4 radiating element consists of very strong PVC coated, Kevlar cored, copper braid wire, and a weighted throw line for mounting in trees or high places. One side of the balun goes to earth and the other is elevated above the ground.

Periodic heatshrink frequency markers help you with the accuracy of winding out the antenna to your desired frequency. If, for example, you wanted the frequency of 5.300, simply roll out to the point between 5MHz and 5.5MHz on the markings, secure the Velcro strap on the rest of the wire, and your antenna will now be resonant to that frequency. A set of instructions is included with each antenna. The MIL-4 includes a coax cable with blackened connectors and durable bag for convenience when on the move . It has a packed weight of only 800 grams.

Special Features 
  •  3.0 – 20MHz
  •  Uses wire braided Kevlar cord
  •  Easy Installation
  •  Weighs 800 grams for light travel
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  • Frequency Range 3.0-20MHz
  • Power Rating: 100W PEP 40W continuous

  • Packed weight 800 grams
  • Element Length 25 metres
  • Coax Cable 10m RG58, UHF M - BNC M, with BNC F - UHF M adapter
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