Bushcomm VKS-737 / VKE-237 Emergency Throw Out Antenna (7899~8022)

Bushcomm VKS-737 / VKE-237 Emergency Throw Out Antenna (7899~8022)
Part Number: BUSHCOMM-VKS-737_237
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The Emergency Long Wire Antenna is a Tuned Length radiating wire with a 5 metre length of cord attached to one end, a one metre earth wire at the other, and a two meter coax connection cable. This system designed to operate as a "Stand Alone" antenna on the Primary 4WD Network Frequencies of 8022 Khz (VKS737) & 7899Khz (VKE237). Should your autotune or Multitap antenna fail, just set up this antenna, and away you go. This product is light weight and is perfect as a backup antenna system.

Contents Overview
  •  Alligator clip with added insulation and strain relief
  •  9m tuned length antenna wire radiator
  •  Instruction sheet
  •  5m attaching cord
  •  Winder with Velcro keeper
  •  Female to Female UHF Coaxial Adapter
  •  This system is"Stand Alone", there is no tuner required. This means that if either your tuner or coaxial cable fails, then this antenna will takes its place.  Performance will generally be equal to / or better than your existing Mobile Antenna
  •  Compact packaging. Heavy duty PVC insulating sheath on the outer
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