EAntenna 160OCF3 OCF WINDOM 160m 3kW - R2010025

EAntenna 160OCF3 OCF WINDOM 160m 3kW - R2010025
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160, 80, 40, 20 y 10m (1,8, 3,5~3,7, 7, 14, 28 MHz.)

The EAntenna 160OCF3 Windom 160 antenna is an ideal antenna for portable or fixed, with exceptional performance characteristics in all bands mentioned, even on other bands with coupler. In some cases, depending on the height and opening of the arms, a coupling is required. The cable that is used is ultra flexible and the balun is also built by EAntenna, so the guarantees of performance and quality of materials are excellent.
  A list of Windom Antennas DX (OCF):
40OCF1, 540OCF380OCF1, 580OCF3160OCF1, 5160OCF3
20.4 m/66, 8 '20.4 m/66, 8 '41.8 m/137 '41.8 m/137 '83m/270 '83m/270 '
4 *4 *7 **7 **7 ***7 ***
1.5 kW3kW1.5 kW3kW1.5 kW3kW
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