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EAntenna 40OCF3 OCF WINDOM 40m 3kW - R2010024

EAntenna 40OCF3 OCF WINDOM 40m 3kW - R2010024
Part Number: 17914.040H
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The windom antenna DX (OCF) is a multiband antenna wire able to work with high efficiency on all bands from 3.5 to 28 MHz does not use traps or require antenna coupler. 
The total length of the antenna is made of copper wire reinforced high quality and has the skew on one side by 50 ohm coaxial through a balun. May extend completely horizontally or slightly inverted V with the apex in the center of the total length or at the feed point offset. Your gain is greater than a half-wave dipole on all bands (including a balun or transformer / adapter broadband balanced and very low losses to be fed by coaxial cable).

Our materials include high manufacturing outdoor durability and high resistance to UV rays. The antenna wire is copper coverage minimal losses.

A list of Windom Antennas DX (OCF):
40OCF1, 540OCF380OCF1, 580OCF3160OCF1, 5160OCF3
20.4 m/66, 8 ' 20.4 m/66, 8 ' 41.8 m/137 ' 41.8 m/137 ' 83m/270 ' 83m/270 '
4 * 4 * 7 ** 7 ** 7 *** 7 ***
1.5 kW 3kW 1.5 kW 3kW 1.5 kW 3kW
£47.11 £60.67 £71.38 £71.38 £78.52 £89.23
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