EAntenna DBZ160 DOUBLE BAZOOKA 160m - R2010015

EAntenna DBZ160 DOUBLE BAZOOKA 160m - R2010015
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Dimensions 60x30x6cm, Weight 2.85kg

The EA DBZ160, a mono band antenna made from 75 Ohm coax cable. Bazooka antennas exhibit wide bandwidths that cover the respective band completely. Compared to a dipole a Bazooka can offer gain <3.6Db, in addition they display fantastic invulnerability to static. The DBZ160 is a fantastic DX antenna when installed at the correct hight and can handle <4KW, the antenna is supplied ready to hang.

The advantages of the antennas Bazookas are:
  • Bandwidth
  • Almost unaffected by temperature
  • The positive increase related to a dipole with up to 3.6 dB
  • Efficiently Reduces arminocos even redude interference!
  • Substantial decrease in the accumulation of static charge
  • No manager (like an inverted V)
  • Great for DX!
The DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna is a half-wave antenna extremely wide and can operate efficiently in an entire band with no change in ROE design DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna was developed by the staff of MIT in the 40s in the U.S. government as radar antenna. It was modified for amateur radio use in the 50s. This unique design eliminates the need for matching baluns antenna and fed directly to the 50 ohm coaxial. 
the DOUBLE BAZOOKA is 98% efficient and typically provides NOMINAL SWR readings less than 2:1 in the band enter. 
Since This antenna has no static charges exposed metal wire and can not accumulate noise reduction on antennas built.
The DOUBLE BAZOOKA antenna EAntenna has been tested with great effect upto 4 KW. It can be mounted in a setting of "V" shape for optimum results, "focuses high with 90-120 degrees between the legs". Then you will have vertical polarization and reach distances of 800 kms quietly. due to the low angle of radiation.
Inside the box you have a detailed instruction manual and if in doubt, contacting by e-mail with Rodrigo, ( ea7jx@eantenna.es ) answer and help you as soon as possible and the best after-sales care.
A list of the Double Bazooka Antennas:
50 ~ 54 28 ~ 29.7 26 ~ 27.9 24-8 ~ 25 21 ~ 21.5 18 ~ 18.2 14 ~ 14.4 10 ~ 10.2 7 ~ 7.3 3.5 ~ 3.8 1.8 ~ 1.9
3.0m 9.8 ' 5.3mm 17.4 ' 5.5m 18 ' 6.0m 19.7 ' 7.6m 24.9 ' 8.3m 24.2 ' 10.6m 34.7 ' 14.8m 48.5 ' 21.1m 69 ' 41.6m 136 ' 268.5 81.9M '
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