EAntenna EA1015204080DXS 5 Band Dipole 1.5Kw - R2010048

EAntenna EA1015204080DXS 5 Band Dipole 1.5Kw - R2010048
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The EA1015204080DXS consists of 4 parallel threads on the same arm that provides 5 antennas monobanders in one.

The spacing between wires are enhanced to give the best performance against the problems of the interaction of elements nearby.

The yarn used is 2mm HO7VK anti UV coated for durability.


With this antenna you can achieve outstanding results on the 10/15/20/40/80. This antenna acts as an antenna of half wavelength in each band getting 3.0 dBi in free space, and 8.5 dBi at 15 meters high and negligible gain of 1.2 dBi at 80 meter dipole only 27 meters long.

The assembly of this antenna is quite simple. Just insert the wires on insulators and fix the cable with Nylon flanges that are included in the package. No adjustments needed, because the antenna has a considerable bandwidth, so is “Plug and Play”.

Frequency Range: 3,5~3,8 7,0~7,3 14,0~14,35 21,0~21,45 28,0~29,7
Gain: 1,2 dBi 2,0 dBi 3,0 dBi 3,0 dBi 3,0 dBi
SWR: 1,0:1~2,0:1 (100 KHz.) 1,0:1~2,0:1 (300 KHz.) 1,1:1~1,5:1 1,1:1~1,6:1 1,0:1~2,0:1 (800 KHz.)
Impedance:         50 Ohm
Max. Power:         1,5 kW***
Total Lenght:         27,00m / 88,51'
Weight:         2,8 Kg / 6,2 Pounds
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