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EAntenna EA80DXS DIPOLO 80M 1.5Kw 20m - R2010045

EAntenna EA80DXS DIPOLO 80M 1.5Kw 20m - R2010045
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After many request of customer for a good short dipole for 80m band, EA decided to make an small project for an 20m total length 80m dipole.

We get an very good bandwidth of 120 KHz. from 2,0:1 to 2,0:1 of SWR in the desired portion of 80m band (3,5 to 3,8 MHz.)
As always in EAntenna dipoles, it’s includes balun. Our common balun EAntenna 1,1DB1,5 is the installed with this antenna.
Make your reservation now and stop thinking that you can not transmit on 80 meters for lack of space. You can put it in horizontal, V “invee” 90 ° and 120 ° without losing any benefits.

Small short dipole for 80m band (3,5 ~3,8 MHz.) with a very good bandwidth of 120 KHz. from 2,0:1 to 2,0:1 of SWR in the desired portion of the band.

This antenna includes our EAntenna 1,1DB1,5 balun, rated up to 1,5 Kw.

The wire used in this antenna is anspecial HO7VK 2mm OD with high UV resistance, and 1,68mm2 ennameld cooper in the coils.
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EAntenna EA80DXS DIPOLO Quick review, Hi, I have tested this antenna today, the construction is fairly good, although 1 or two nuts on the balun were loose and required tightening. The balun itself also had a loose plastic bottom bung, this had to be sealed with self amalgamating tape, to keep the water out. Setting up, was very easy, the antenna comes set up and tested ob 3.600 khz, and putting the antenna on your chosen frequency, just requires folding the ends on themselves, following the instructions of 2” off lengtn, for every 20 khz you want to move the frequency, ( 1 inch off each leg!) performance was better than expected, although the bandwidth is only about 70 khz, for good SWR. Power handling is excellent. And i failed to set it on fire, with the G0PVR station! Overall a great antenna, it more or less does what is claimed,, i rate it at 8/10, its price of £125.00 is the only thing that prevents top marks. Go and order it, if you have a small garden, mine was configured as an inverted V. John G0PVR
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