Radio Works CW-160, Carolina Windom

Radio Works CW-160, Carolina Windom
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This is no longer available please see the EAntenna 160OCF1,5 OCF WINDOM 160m 1,5kW - R2010022

Radio Works Carolina Windom 160

Carolina Windom 160 (CW-160) - 160 - 10m (Inc WARC) - Gain, low angle: 3 - 10dB - Length: 40.5m (133ft) - Polarisation: Horiz. & Vertical - Feeder: 50 Ohms - Matching: Balun/Line isolator - Transmatch: Required - SWR: Low - Power: 1.5kW - V Radiator: 6.7m (22ft) - Install: >10.6m (35ft) above ground.
The ideal all-band antenna that gives DX performance on the low frequency bands. Optimum coax feeder length is 21.3m (70ft) or 50m (166ft) (if using an internal ATU). Can also be used as an inverted V or a sloper. Gain as high as 10dBd is achieved on some bands. 160m and 80m DX operators have reported excellent results. The offset feeder often avoids the coax having to drop down in the centre of the garden. If using as an inverted V, it is best to support the antenna at the centre, leaving the vertical radiator in the clear.
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