Radio Works SHORT-160 Special, Carolina Short

Radio Works SHORT-160 Special, Carolina Short
Part Number: SHORT-160
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Short-160-Special Carolina "Short" 160 Special 160 - 10m - Radiator length: 30.4 or 25.6m (100 or 84ft) - Verticals: 4.8+6.7+4.8 or 9.7m (16+22+16 or 32ft) - Polarization: Vert & Horiz - Feedline: 50 Ohm coax - Matching: DMU + Transmatch - Transmatch: Required - Power: 1.5kW (80-10m) CW/SSB, 500W (160m) CW/SSB - Install: >12m (40ft) above ground - Radials: Not required
The Carolina Beam 160 Special has been slightly modified so that it will work on 160m. The dimensions are the same as the Carolina Beam 80 but there are slight differences in the DMU and the Line Isolator to cope with the demands of operating the Carolina Beam on 160m. The RF current handled by these components is enormous. This is why you must keep the output power below 500W (SSB or CW duty cycle) on 160m. On the other bands the full power specification applies. It's an exceptional performer on 80-10m. On 160m, the Carolina Beam is a small antenna, far less than the usual 80m (265ft) required for 160m operation, but even so compared to other shortened antennas it should be able to hold its own. A wide range manual transmatch is a must with this antenna.
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