Radio Works SHORT-40, Carolina Short

Radio Works SHORT-40, Carolina Short
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Carolina "Short" 40 - 10m - Radiator length: 12.8m (42ft) or 15.25m (50ft) - Vertical Radiator:3m (10ft) - Polarization: Vert & Horiz - Feedline: 50 Ohm coax - Matching: DMU + Transmatch - Transmatch: Required - Power: 1.5kW CW/SSB - Install: >9.1m (30ft) above ground - Radials: Not required
The Carolina Beam 40 has three vertical radiators properly spaced out to produce low-angle, beam like performance. The horizontal portion of the antenna interconnects the three vertical sections and acts as both a feed system and a radiating counterpoise. The result is a multi-element inverted-vertical antenna that operates high in the air, free of ground losses. It is a very efficient antenna. The overal length of the Carolina Beam 40 is only 15.25m (50ft.) easily placed in most small gardens.
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