Radio Works SL-40, Super Loop

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Radio Works SL-40, Super Loop
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SuperLoop 40 (SL-40) - 40 - 10m - Radiator length: Full wave (40m) - Polarization: Vert & Horiz - Feedline: 50 Ohm coax - Recommended length: 1/2 wave length (coax length not critical) - Matching: Combination of DMU + stub - Transmatch: Required - Power: 1.5kW CW/SSB - Install: > 9m (30ft) above ground - Radials: Not required
The SuperLoop 40 uses the same outstanding technology as the SuperLoop 80. This is a high performance, full size, full wave, 40m loop antenna. On 20m it is a 2x wave length open loop or Bi-Square. The stub in the top leg of the antenna opens the loop when operating on 20m and selected other bands. This improves the antenna's radiation pattern. In theory its gain is about 2dB on 40m and around 4dB on 20m, but it is actually much higher due to the highly compressed low angle radiation pattern. The dedicated matching unit, along with all the other components in the antenna work together to provide a well-managed SWR on all bands.

Coax not supplied with antenna
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