EAntenna DuoSat 3+5 EL. LFA R2010254 Inc. Duplexer

EAntenna DuoSat 3+5 EL. LFA R2010254 Inc. Duplexer
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The EAntenna DUOSAT is a dual band antenna for VHF and UHF for communications via satellite. 
With only 800grams of weight you can make all the low orbit satellites with a "Walky" portable equipment with 5W.

There are 3 LFA elements in VHF and 5 LFA elements in UHF that have the antenna, which guarantees a minimum noise level that is one of the characteristics of closed loop LFA antennas. Silent and a great bandwidth. And of course, the particularity that the LFA have 50 Ohms in the coaxial output, does not have any type of impedance adaptation that reduces the performance of the antenna

The advantages in buying the EAntenna brand are the following:

  •     Millimeter by millimeter, we manufacture and build with CNC machinery and / or prepared for measurements with hundredths of millimeters, for an exact measurement.
  •     Every piece of aluminum is taken care of, smoothing out roughness both outside and inside. All this by hand, by qualified people and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.
  •     All the fittings we use are in Stainless Steel AISI 316
  •     The aluminum used is T5 6061/6063 and T6 6082; the best alloys for the manufacture of antennas resistant to weathering and inclement weather.
  •     We include detailed assembly manual and upload videos on our WEB, which are demonstrative of assembly of some models.
  •     We will not be satisfied, until our client has his antenna mounted and work with it. Therefore, whenever you need or have any questions or comments, contact our after-sales service, and direct with Rodrigo, EA7JX (ea7jx@eantenna.es), we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Specifications of DUOSAT

  •     Square boom of 20 × 2mm.
  •     8mm elements. in diameter, except the excited one that has 10mm and 6mm the Loop.



Freq. Range 144~146 MHz. 432~438 MHz.
Elements per band 3 LFA 5 LFA
Gain: 8,87 dBi 11.38 dBi
F/B: 12,36 dB 13.50 dB
Max. Power: 500 W 500 W
Max. SWR/ROE: 1.3:1 1.3:1
Boom Lenght: 89 centímetros 35 inch
Material Aluminio T5 6061/6082  
Weight: 800 gr. 22 oz.


* Ganancia en dBi (Ganancia sobre dipolo isotropico en espacio libre) -2,15= dBd
** Relación Ganancia Frente/Espalda “F/B” (Ganancia cuando la antena esta girada 180º de dirección azimut)

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1st satellite QSO with DUOSAT
Assembly instructions need improving but the antenna went together in an afternoon. Very well made and strong antenna. Worked my 1st satellite QSO (Belgium) on AO-91 with a 5w handheld - Kenwood TH-D74. Great fun!
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