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Superb compact qrp portable loop perfect for attaching direct to your ft-817 or qrp transceiver for an easy to use, instant portable hf antenna solution. Offering continuous tuning from 7mhz to 50mhz. We have tested this loop indoors and worked around europe on only 5w !

Checkout the impressive specifications of this little 'wonder' !

*self supporting loop
*7-50mhz continuous tuning
*10W nominal power
*Rig mounted for convenient operation
*Fits in your pocket when packed down
* Easy to use? Simply attach the tuning box to the transceiver then form the supplied wire into a loop. Attach the wire ends to the terminals on the tuning box and away you go !


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A must buy for the QRP enthusiast
I bought this from ML&S over a month ago. I have been having fun experimenting with building STL/Magnetic Loop antennas recently, and thought I would give this one a try. I was not expecting much - it really is very small. I have been blown away by how well this works. I don't like the supplied wire loop, although I understand it makes the antenna small enough to put in a pocket. The wire loop flops about, and is probably not very efficient. So I use my Wonderloop with 1/4" soft copper pipe. I cut this refrigeration pipe to the same length as the wire, and swept it with my antenna analyser. SWR is 1.1:1 on 40, 1.5:1 30. On 20 and 17 the lowest it goes to is 3:1. Then it is back to 1.1:1 on 15/12/10/6. This is a function of the loop size. I also cut a larger loop of 1/4" copper pipe. This larger size gave me poor SWR on 40/30, but 1.1:1 on 20 and 17, and then poor SWR on 15 and above. So with the two loop sizes, I am able to get 1.1:1 SWR on all bands with just the antenna (no ATU). The soft 1/4" copper pipe makes the antenna so much better, without putting strain on the terminals. I have also made a bracket on my camera tripod that this fits onto as I prefer the antenna away from the operating position. I am located in Nairobi,Kenya so the closest ham activity is probably Europe which is several thousand km and a few hops away. Yet with this antenna, and at the bottom of the sunspot cycle, I have no trouble working Europe (and the rest of the world) - mostly on 30/20 and 17 meters. I can imagine the fun this antenna will give on 15/12/10 when we are higher up the sunspot cycle !!! A big thumbs up to this antenna and its creator. 5Z4/ ZS5J
Pull out the weak signals!
A must have piece of kit, for those who aren't allowed an outdoor antenna! Hats off to Wonder antennas, for unleashing this beast into the wild! This superb and ultra compact, portable antenna, might not be a cubicle quad, but it can certainly rival much larger, outdoor antennas, under the right conditions, and you can reduce the gain, which equates to extremely low signal reception, so buy with confidence!
It really works!
I bought this as I have been playing around with homebrew magloops for a while and thought it would be a bit of fun to try this out. I just set it up in the dining room downstairs and stood it on a shelf by the window having connected it to the 817. I called I2PJA in the contest and he heard me on the second call. I am very impressed with it, and that was on just 5 watts ssb. I am sure on cw it would be great. I will enjoy playing with this as it certainly does what the advert says.....Mike G4HLT.
Absolutely brilliant
This is one of those items you buy and think to yourself, is this really going to work. Well let me tell you it certainly does. The first time I used it I plugged it straight in to the back of the FT-817 on the shack bench, tuned it up on 20M and immediately (and I really do mean immediately) had an SSB QSO with a station in Russia. Conditions were nothing special but he could hear me Q5 as I could him. I played for another hour or so and made contact after contact all on SSB. I take the loop with me whenever I am working away from home which is fairly frequently. I’ve had bucket loads of SSB QSO’s on 40 and 20 from my hotel room. This thing shouldn’t work as well as it does, but it does and that’s all that matters. I’ve also used it on data modes and had even better results (USA on 20M). If I broke it I would immediately replace it which says it all. Buy one and you will not be disappointed.
Fantastic antenna
Today I tested out my new wonder loop antenna on the window sill inside my house using my Ft817ND,, The bands were pretty good today and decided to have a go in a contest on 10 metres, I found VE3PN operatng on 28.800mhz and decided to give a call, he came back to me and said 5/9 using the antenna indoors, he was amazed at 5 watts qrp inside the house ! This is a remarkable antenna and I have found it tunes fine from 20 metres to 6 with no issues at all, I'm now looking forward to taking the radio and wonder wand out and about to make even more contacts... Great antenna !
A real wonder
I have had my Wonderloop for a month or so now and am very happy with the performance. I have worked stations into Europe indoors. Brilliant outside and I have worked in a /p environment on the beach and in my /a location in Cambrige. Don't let the small size fool you, magnetic loop antennas have to be physically small to exhibit the efficiency of delivered in a magnetic loop design. Mike M0SAZ
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