EAntenna 144LFA7 (12,83 dBi ヨ 21,21 dB F/B) - R2010110

EAntenna 144LFA7 (12,83 dBi ヨ 21,21 dB F/B) - R2010110
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Dimension 147x10x10cm, Weight 4.25kg  


The antennas for VHF EAntenna LFA represent the largest development in antennas with moderate boom length for a single performance.

This performance is characterized in that:

  • You can listen to very low signals without QRM and QRN noise alters the audio clarity.
  • The food is straightforward to 50 Ohms, which has not lost any respect to lines of adaptation. 
  • The bandwidth covers the entire band with low SWR / SWR.
  • The radiation lobe is wide, so that the signal is not as selective as you turn the minimum antenna.
  • Its ratio of F / B is high, since only antenna boom lengths can get exaggerated.
  • The gain is comparable with other models of antennas always larger in dimensions.
Specifications 144LFA7
  • 30x2mm square boom.
  • Elements of 10mm in diameter, except that the LOOP is 13mm and 10mm at the ends.
  • Mast plate of 150x100mm with 6mm thick with square U-bolts M6 boom to the plate and U-bolts of M8 to the plate to the mast.

Characteristics of the 144LFA7

  • This antenna is designed for optimum performance with a short boom. Will give great satisfaction to both Tropo openings ES. With 2 of them enfasadar in Vertical and 100 W. EME has become the major stations.
  • Simple and quick, because since the boom joints are very easy to assemble.
  • Antenna very solid construction, and with a weight very acceptable.
  • Phasing distances for 2 or more units in a short (under table included) with our Power Splitter.
Frequency Range: 144~146 MHz.
Gain: 12,81 dBi
F/B: 22,44 dB
SWR: 1:1.1~1:1.2
Impedance: 50 Ohm.
Maximum Power: 5 kW.
Boom length: 2,95 / 9,67'
Wind Survival: ≥ 200kmh / ≥ 125mph
Weight: 4.25 Kg. / 9,4 pounds

* Gain dBi (gain over isotropic dipole in free space) = -2.15 dBd  Ratio
** Gain Front / Back “F / B” (gain when the antenna is rotated 180 ° azimuth direction)

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