EAntenna 50LFA8HD (14,1 dBi ヨ 28,95 dB F/B) - R2010166

EAntenna 50LFA8HD (14,1 dBi ヨ 28,95 dB F/B) - R2010166
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Weight 24kg  

Specifications 50LFA8HD
  • Square boom 60/55/50x2mm telescopic sections.
  • Items divided into 2 sections; central 13mm diameter and 10mm tips, except that the LOOP is 6mm.
  • Mast plate of 250x150mm with 10mm thick with square U-bolts M8 to the boom and to the plate and U-bolts of M8 to the plate to the mast.
Characteristics of the 50LFA8HD
  • With this antenna you can make your first EME DX or get the best from this band. Designed and optimized by G0KSC EAntenna, we’ve got the cleanest lobe no 6 meter antenna.
  • And if you like the contest, as well as, this antenna is ready to win contests without using great powers.
  • Simple and quick, because the boom joints are easy to assemble. And the elements are attached by clamps Without End (Hose Clamp) for quick installation and durable fastening.
  • Antenna very solid construction, and with an acceptable weight.
Freq. Range: 50,0 ~ 51,0 MHz.
Gain: 14,10 dBi
F/B: 28,95 dB
SWR: 1:1.1~1:1.2
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Max. Power Rating: 5 kW.
Boom Lenght: 12,58m / 41,2'
Turning Radius: 6,95m / 22,8'
Wind Survival: ≥ 180kmh / ≥ 105mph
Weight: 24 Kg. / 53 Pounds

* Gain dBi (gain over isotropic dipole in free space) = -2.15 dBd
** Ratio Gain Front / Back “F / B” (gain when the antenna is rotated 180 ° azimuth direction)

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