EAntenna EA270ZB13 5+8 EL. 144 MHz./432 MHZ - R2010252

EAntenna EA270ZB13 5+8 EL. 144 MHz./432 MHZ - R2010252
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Dimensions 154x10x10cm, Weight 2.2kg  

EAxxZB EAntenna series are antennas designed by the super-known, Martin Steyer, DK7ZB. 
Amateur drove the new antenna design, using the new software today, which were based on characters like YU7EF, G0KSC, to have their current designs. Martin, after many years basing on designs of their countrymen DL6WU DJ9BV and with continued many antenna designs that have occupied the first places in competitions winning seasons, and filling facilities people do not like their own antennas.Seeing that some of their antennas are not yet improved, we agreed to make some of their models.Antennas with high demand and aseguible price. Topics tomasmos always considered in EAntenna, that quality does not have to have a high price.
This performance EAxxZB are characterized:
  • Peak gain antennas and a F / B acceptable, taking into account the lengths of separation and boom length.
  • Antennas are multiband, single decline of direct coaxial 50 Ohms.
  • The bandwidth is broad to cover the entire Amateur Radio.
  • The banstante radiation lobe is wide, so even some of them in a fixed position will get a wide range of correspondents from different latitudes.
  • These antennas are prepared both for FM, SSB and CW, but positioning it in Vertical and Horizontal respectively.

All this is explained because in EAntenna:

  • Millimeter by millimeter, manufacture and build CNC machines and / or prepared to hundredths of a millimeter measurements for an accurate measurement.
  • It takes care of every piece of aluminum, by filing them smooth exterior and interior. All this by hand, by skilled and prepared for a final product of extreme quality.
  • All hardware we use is in stainless steel AISI 304
  • The T5 aluminum used is 6061/6063 and 6082 T6, the best alloys for manufacturing antennas and resistant to the weather elements.
  • Always EAxxZB EAntenna antennas are insulated from the boom, with pieces "Made in Spain" of PA (Polyimide, -40 º C / +70 º C).
  • Specifications EA270ZB13

    • Boom square of 25 × 1.5 mm., In 2 sections.
    • 8mm elements. in diameter, except that it has 12mm excited.
    • The mast plate of 100x100mm with 6mm thick with square U-bolts M6 boom to the plate and U-bolts from M6 to the plate to 50mm maximum mast. in diameter.

    Features of the EA270ZB13

    • If all you need is an antenna more serious in these two bands, both FM and in SSB / CW, this antenna offers excellent performance with only 1.5 meters of boom.
    • Even going to the field or portable, with a simple TV rotor can move without problems.
    • Simple and quick, because the boom is one piece and the elements are in one piece and hole in the center for fixing to boom.
    • Antenna very solid construction, and a very acceptable weight.
    Frequency Range: 144 ~ 146 MHz 432 ~ 440 MHz
    Elements for Band 5 8
    Gain: 10.8 dBi 11.0 dBi
    F / B: 18.7 dB 15.4 dB
    Max. Power: 500 W 500 W
    Max. SWR / SWR: 1.4:1 1.5:1
    Boom length: 151 centimeters 59.45 inch
    Material T5 Aluminum 6061/6082 Stainless Steel
    Diameter Max. mast. 50 mm. 2 inch
    Weight: 2.2 kg 4.9 lbs

    * Gain dBi (gain over isotropic dipole in free space) = -2.15 dBd 
    ** Ratio Gain Front / Back "F / B" (gain when the antenna is rotated 180 ° in azimuth direction)

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Very Pleased 100% Recomended
After a few days trying to make a hard decision on what antenna to get the (Diamond X510) or this antenna (EA270ZB13) i finally decided on the (EA270ZB13) and although i've not got a Rotor for it yet im very very happy with it and the decision i made. Although this antenna has no adjustment for SWR i was a bit wary in case the SWR ended up being higher than i'd like but although an SWR of 2.0 is usable i like to have all my antennas below 1.5:1 if i can or i don't use it. when i first assembled this antenna and connected it up for testing the SWR on 2m was resonant on 139.000 MHz (1.1:1) and on 145.000 MHz was over 2.0 and the SWR on 70cm was resonant on 446.000 MHz (PMR Band) again (1.1:1) and over 2.0 on 433.000 Mhz but although with it being over 2.0 were i wanted it, it did actually receive quite well and almost as good as my Diamond X-7000 on the roof so to try and get the SWR down i tried turning it in all directions, putting it higher and lower, vertical and horizontal, different positions around the garden and finally i tried it on a aluminium pole then a fiberglass pole thinking it might be because it was to close to something but still there was only a very very small change and i nearly gave up on it and thought i should've gone for the Diamond X-510 instead so i took it down to check everything over and it all checked out ok so the only thing that was left to try was to make the Y coax connection to the antenna a tad shorter as i made them about an inch 1/2 long and while i was doing this i thought it's probably not going to make any difference what so ever but was the last thing to try. when i finished i re-connected the Y coax connection (now only about 1/4 inch long) back onto the antenna then fitted it back onto the fiberglass pole in a vertical position then raised it back up into the air above the house roof where i did the very first test, came back indoors and put my Yaesu FTM-400 to 145.000 MHz on Band A and 433.000 Mhz on Band B to switched between both bands to check the SWR, When i did the first check on 2m i was shocked and very pleased to find that the SWR had dropped from over 2.0 all the way down to 1.1:1 i couldn't believe it and thought there's no way it's going to be the same or as good on 70cm too but how wrong was i, again the SWR had dropped from over 2.0 all the way down to 1.1:1 and all because i made the Y connection to the antenna shorter. when i see these readings i was chuffed and thought that the decision and money i had spent on my first ever Yagi was worth it in the end even though it took two evenings testing and getting it finally set up and installed where i wanted it minus the Rotor. (Next on the list) Overall i am now very pleased with this antenna and so far has seemed to work well hitting more distance repeaters compared to my vertical but there's not been much action on the band's yet to try simplex. If anyone is looking for a dual band Yagi at a great price then i wouldn't hesitate in recommending this one but REMEMBER that when you make up the Y coax connection make sure to make the ends of the Y as short as you can get them about 1/4th inch long then you shouldn't have any problems from the start because it's not mentioned in the instructions about an ideal length or to make them as short as you can. Below are my final SWR readings with 50 watts on both 2m & 70cm with M&P Ultraflex 7 coax & M&P N-Type Plugs. 140.000 MHz - SWR 1.4:1 430.000 MHz - SWR 1.1:1 141.000 MHz - SWR 1.3:1 431.000 MHz - SWR 1.2:1 142.000 MHz - SWR 1.2:1 432.000 MHz - SWR 1.2:1 143.000 MHz - SWR 1.2:1 433.000 MHz - SWR 1.2:1 144.000 Mhz - SWR 1.1:1 434.000 MHz - SWR 1.1:1 145.000 MHz - SWR 1.1:1 435.000 MHz - SWR 1.0:1 146.000 MHz - SWR 1.0:1 436.000 MHz - SWR 1.1:1 147.000 MHz - SWR 1.3:1 437.000 MHz - SWR 1.3:1 148.000 MHz - SWR 1.7:1 438.000 MHz - SWR 1.5:1 400.000 MHz to 430.000 MHz The SWR goes no higher than 1.4:1 I would like to say a big thank you to everyone at ML&S and thanks again for the great customer service. keep up the great work guys. Mike 2E0FTG
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