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This Tonna F9FT 20899 is a 9 element yagi on 2m & 19 element yagi antenna on 70cm, on one boom. Both antennas are electrically independant. This has a power rating of 1kW PEP.

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Both antennas are electrically completely independant. So they need two separate coaxial feed lines.
Both antenna planes being orthogonal. when one antenna is used in horizontal polarization. the other is then in vertical polarization. This has no importance as far as satellite operation is concerned.

On the other hand. proper stacking of such antennas is impossible. Suppose an optimized stacking for the 144 MHz band ; spacings are then too large at 432 MHz and produce too many side lobes, making impossible the use of the antenna system in proper conditions. If optimized at 432 MHz, they become too short at 144 MHz, leading to unacceptable impedance mismatch and pratically no stacking gain.

Connector: N-type
Overall length: 3.70 m
Mass: 3.5 kg

- Horizontal polarisation: 0.10 m2
- Vertical polarisation: 0.16 m2

- Horizontal polarization: 4.1 daN
- Vertical polarization: 6.5 daN

- Horizontal polarization: 13.2 daN
- Vertical polarization: 21 daN
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