Ultrabeam UB-20MX 6 – 20m

Ultrabeam UB-20MX 6 – 20m
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Ultrabeam UB-20MX 6 – 20m

  • 2.9m boom length
  • 7m max. element length
  • 3 elements on 6-15m
  • 2 elements Moxon on 17-20m
  • Square boom 60x60mm

This is the smallest Ultrabeam antenna manufactured by WiMo. The UB-20MX is a very compact antenna solution for the bands from 6 to 20m. The antenna is only 2.9m long, the max. width is 7m and the weight only 19 kg. This is ideal for terraced house or other situation where very short antenna elements must be fitted into the available space. On 17 and 20m the UB-20MX works as a 2 element 'Moxon' antenna, on 6 to 15m as a fullsize 3 element beam. The Moxon construction still yields a respectable gain of 5.8 dBi with an excellent fron/back ratio. On the other bands this antenna is performing nearly like a traditonal 3 element beam.

For switching between the configuration as 3 element (6-15m) and 2 element beam (17 & 20m) a coaxial relay is included. This relay is automatically engaged by the controller, it requires two additional wires in the control cable.

6m Option

For this yagi we offer an optional one element 6m kit. This turns the 3 element Yagi into a 4 element for 6m. The gain and front to back ratio is improved on the 6m band. Of course you can use this antenna also on 6m without this kit. The optional 6m element is not variable in length, it is made of conventional aluminium tubes. On the other bands this passive element does not influence the pattern negatively.

  • Included in shipment
  • Antenna 12212
  • Touch Screen Controller RCU-06
  • 30m control cable with connectors, ready to use. For other lengths see below.
  • Mast Clamp for 50 mm rotor tube diameter.
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