EAntenna EA4J VERTICAL J-POLE 70 MHz. (6,0 dB) - R2010801

EAntenna EA4J VERTICAL J-POLE 70 MHz. (6,0 dB) - R2010801
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EAntenna EA4J VERTICAL J-POLE 70 MHz.  (6,0 dB)

Specifications EA4J

  • The EAntenna EA4J is a 4 meter band vertical antenna with omnidirectional lobe . The J-Pole antenna was designed by the German military in World War II for use in small zepellin, so the first denomination of this antenna is Zepp antenna.
  • It consists of sections of 35/30/25mm. in diameter, achieving impressive bandwidth, and a force from the wind very important.
  • Catching the mast is through an optimal system for better strength, with U-bolts up to 46mm.

Features of the EA4J

  • The EAntenna EA4J is optimized with their diameters and single feed system, which includes a coaxial choke balun with UHF/PL or N connector as required by the client.
  • The end result is notable figures gain and radiation pattern cleaning.
  • Quick and easy installation, because in 15 minutes you can ride without any headache. Each section is unique and there is no possible confusion in the assembly.
  • Antenna very solid construction, and with an acceptable weight.
Frequency Range: 70,0~70,5 MHz.
Gain: (dBi) 6 dBi
SWR: 1,0:1~1,2:1 (1 MHz.)
Max. Power: 2 kW.
Height: 3,95m / 12,95'
Weight: 3,0 Kg / 6,6 Pounds
Package dimensions: (W x H x L)  
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