DX Engineering Coax Grounding Brackets

DX Engineering Coax Grounding Brackets
Part Number: DXE-CGB-200
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Product Information
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Grounding Clamp Size Range:1.000 in.-2.000 in.
Coaxial Connector Hole Size:0.640 in.
Grounding Bracket Material:Stainless steel
V-Bolt Hardware Included:Yes
Ground Braid Hardware Included:No
Quantity:Sold individually.

DX Engineering Coax Grounding Brackets are designed to provide additional grounding of coaxial cable shields. They are manufactured from high-quality stainless steel and are supplied with a stainless steel V-bolt and hardware for fastening them to tower legs. There are two sizes available to fit most tower legs or antenna masts.

These brackets have holes for two optional UHF bulkhead connectors; two UHF chassis mount connectors, or two Type-N bulkhead connectors. DX Engineering Coax Grounding Brackets may be used on the tower top junction point for the flexible antenna coax jumpers (often used to form a rotor loop), and the main runs down the tower leg. They are also useful at the base of the tower to provide a solid grounding point before the coax cable is routed away from the grounded tower.

While the brackets have serrated teeth to bite through paint and corrosion, there is an additional hole in them so that an optional ground braid or copper strap may be extended for secure grounding. Bulkhead and chassis mount connectors are sold separately. NOTE: Due to the close mounting of the RF connectors closest to where the tower leg or metal pipe may be, some users have suggested to first make the connections weather-tight, then attach the bracket to the tower leg or metal pipe.

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