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DX Engineering Silver Plated Female Secure Mount Bulkhead Connectors DXE-UHF-FDFB-KIT

DX Engineering Silver Plated Female Secure Mount Bulkhead Connectors DXE-UHF-FDFB-KIT
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Product Information
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oaxial Connector Designation:UHF female, SO-239
Coaxial Connector Dielectric Type:PTFE
Hardware Included:Yes
Quantity:Sold as a kit.
Notes:Flanged double SO-239.

DX Engineering Silver Plated Female SecureMount Bulkhead Connector Kits are high-quality silver-plated connector kits that provide a positive, permanently secure connection for your coaxial cable. These two-sided female connectors have superior silver-plated bodies with silver contacts that ensure the best performance for any application. Silver is the only metal whose oxide conducts even better than the bright metal. RF LOVES silver oxide!

Their SecureMount flange, which employs four mounting screws, means that these bulkhead connectors won't work loose like those with concentric nuts and washers. Once mounted to any panel or bulkhead using the included DXE-FSM-HWK Hardware Kit, these flanged bulkhead connectors will provide the best possible connection and stay that way… period.

Additionally, unlike many common nickel-plated bulkhead connectors, our silver-plated SecureMount bulkhead connectors have no air space within their midpoint. This area of solid and superior PTFE dielectric between the center conductor and body maintains constant impedance and ultimate performance.

When using our Radial Plate, Tower Leg Brackets or SO-239 Mounting Brackets, our SecureMount Bulkhead Connectors are the best way to bond your coax to ground this side of Cad-Welding!

It's extremely important, when this connector is used with our DXE-RADP-3 Radial Plate, to ensure the best possible connection to the radials. No more RF current can flow within the antenna than is also delivered from the radials. A bad coaxial cable shield connection to the radial plate and the radials will limit your transmissions being heard by others and their signals heard by you. The same consideration applies when connecting your coax to Tower Leg Brackets and SO-239 Mounting Brackets for grounding purposes.

Details for our silver-plated SecureMount Bulkhead Connector Kits:

* Description: Bulkhead mount, UHF jack to UHF jack
* Body Material: Brass
* Body Plating: Silver
* Body Style: Flanged Dual Female
* Contact Plating: Silver
* Frequency Range: DC - 500 MHz
* Dielectric: PTFE
* Impedance: 50 Ohms
* Includes DXE-FSM-HWK hardware

Use of the included DXE-FSM-HWK hardware ensures an excellent connection of the flange of the connector - and hence the shield of the coax - to the ground to which the flange is connected. Comprised of a set of four 4-40 x 1/2 in. screws, four flat washers, four star washers and four nylon locking nuts, these hardware kits will keep your flange-mount coaxial connectors in place. Made of superior grade stainless steel and tough nylon, these hardware kits will last and stay bright for decades.

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