AlexLoop Premier With Built-in Alex Tune

AlexLoop Premier With Built-in Alex Tune
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The AlexLoop has long been the gold standard of the portable magnetic loop antenna. The AlexLoop Premier is the new and further enhanced version of the original AlexLoop with specially manufactured ULTRA LOW LOSS MONO BLOCK GOLD PLATED PL259 CONNECTORS
On the left side is the female connector used on the tuning box and on the right is the male connector used on the radiating coaxial cable loop
The AlexLoop carrying bag is specially manufactured to accommodate the antenna parts for easy assemble in 90 seconds

The AlexLoop Portable Magnetic Loop Antenna presents an unbeatable efficiency for its size resulting in the best solution for the HF Packer and for the antenna restricted ham.

AlexLoop weight 34 Oz. (966Grams)
The feather weight AlexLoop makes HF Pedestrian operation simple and easy. You can hold the AlexLoop in one hand and tune with the thumb. Just imagine HF QRP DX while walking.

The AlexLoop is so light that can be temporarily placed using a low cost plastic clamp. (Do not forget to use the tethering rope supplied with each AlexLoop by attaching it to a fixed place for safety).

Most light weight tripods on the market work well with the AlexLoop. For portability, price and ease of use we recommend the Vivitar VIV- VPT1250. You simply take out the camera-connecting head by pulling out the plastic rivet.

When folded, the Vivitar tripod can be stored in the same AlexLoop bag.

Remove the camera-connecting head by pulling out the plastic rivet.

This simple home brew idea will be very useful to go inside your AlexLoop bag for balcony rail or picnic table operation.

Complete HF QRP station: YAESU FT817, AlexLoop Premier and Vivitar Tripod
Elecraft KX3 or KX2, AlexLoop Premier, AlexMIc and Vivitar tripod

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Extraordinary - the fun is back
There are two extraordinary things about this aerial. First is the extraordinary performance. I needed something very light, that goes up in 2 minutes, be unobtrusive, work first time, and deal when necessary with the S8 QRM at my QTH. So on day one I took with the 817 to the clifftop above Hastings, and my first SSB contact with 5W was the Midlands with a report of 58 on 40m, my second Antwerp at 55 on 40m, and my third Northern Italy - 1000 km - at 55 on 20m. On 10m at home, usually ruined by QRM/N, i have worked with 5W local friends who are normally unreadable. The second extraordinary thing about the Alexloop, (not the exact words of my station manager) is the price - but even she agrees the fun is back.
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